CHIditarod 2015 Results


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CHIditarod X

March 7, 2015

22,759 Meals for the Hungry

27,311 Pounds of Food Collected

$38,732 Raised to Fight Hunger in Chicago

Eleven hundred women, men, heroes, philanthropists, rockstars, elephants, volunteers, and enthusiastic mushers gathered on a warm 40 degree morning to create the annual spectacular costumed charity shopping cart race epic mobile food drive — CHIditarod X. The morning sun smiled on nearly 300 volunteers and 130 teams of 5 heavily-costumed humans, raising Food and Funds in the pursuit of feeding the hungry while racing tricked-out shopping carts through 5 themed checkpoint establishments on the thawing streets of Chicago. A spectacle like none other.

Food Drive

tons of food-alexa-razma

CHIditarod playfully calls itself “probably the world’s largest mobile food drive“, and we could not be more impressed by this year’s food drive success.

With the help of our friends and at the Greater Chicago Food Depository, the CHIditarod X food drive collected enough food to provide 22,759 meals for Chicago’s hungry. Thank you CHIditarod participants for being amazing all-stars and for making a difference in the lives of many, many people.

Best in Food Drive :: The Chidiots

The Chidiots team — winner of 2015’s Most Overall Food award — collected 8,576 pounds, which destroyed all previous records. The Chiditiots are one of our most epic teams, they raised 3,293 pounds of food last year. Honorable mention goes to Team Jack with an whopping 1,070 pounds. Combined, these two teams collected nearly a third of the total food brought to the race by ALL participants. We’re blown away by these teams and are so thankful they show us what’s really possible.


Art Carts

As always this year’s art carts totally outdid themselves. CHIditarod’s artistry has never been richer as teams amazed onlookers, judges, and each other with the most elaborate, interactive, and fun themes ever concocted — The Chubby Funkadelics. They welded a shopping cart into a platform capable of ushering a live drummer through the streets of Chicago. Naturally, they brought along a second cart shaped like a road crate for all their gear. Their immersive, pop-up performances entertained hundreds of onlookers throughout the day.

2014 Best Art Cart - Chubby Funkadelics
bee funny 2015 by Milosh Kosanovich

The Bee Funy art cart won Rookie of the Year by taking on a large category and rocking it like a veteran. Detailed construction, great costumes, positive attitude.


The Secret Gentlemen’s Club returned with a multi-cart construction site as The Department of Public Jerks & Pot Holes — cranes and all.


Epic Fundraising

Our Racers, volunteers, checkpoints, and organizers — with the help of their families, friends, and communities, raised $38,732.27 for the CHIditarod Foundation. These dollars will support community-centered initiatives that address hunger, food scarcity, and education via the CHIditarod Grant Program. To date the program has granted $45,000 to nonprofits solving Chicago’s hunger challenges.

Action Squad & The Derailers

Two of CHIditarod’s most fabled teams joined forces to create an epic Sci-Fi spectacle and fundraising machine. They built 2 pilotable Tron lightcycles with all the trimmings. Their combined fundraising efforts raised $5,639!! Not far behind were the Coreganizers at $4,495 and Troop Beverly Hills at $2,587* (amounts at the time of the awards ceremony).

While CHIditarod racers do wonderous things, none would be possible without the 350 brave and selfless volunteers that make CHIditarod happen. Volunteers are truly the MVPs of CHIditarod. Not only do many of them fundraise, they also build the starting and finish lines, create immersive and exciting checkpoint environments, keep you safe while mobile, and have a blast right alongside you. To our volunteers, we honor and salute you all. Thanks.

Visit our grant page to learn about the program and how your organization can apply during the next grant cycle.

Action Squad and Derailers Tron. Photo by Ryan Brandoff


Best in Show :: Chidiots

2nd Best in Show :: The Avengers

We cannot say enough about this team. Last year The Chidiots took home 2nd Best In Show and they totally outdid themselves this year. They raised over 8,500 pounds of food. They looked awesome. They could (almost) fly. CHIditarod is lucky to have them.
Best in Show runner up goes to the Avengers. We were obsessed with their Marvel Magic and heroic charm. No one could resist geeking out over them as they strut by. So much swagger. Many pictures with excited kids. So much duct tape.


1st Place Time :: Year of Danger

Best Bribe, Bike Marshals Choice :: Disco of Oz

Year of Danger 2015 Justin Goh

Fastest Dog goes to Year of Danger. Some would say they were… dangerously… fast. It takes a streamlined cart and serious intensity to win best time at CHIditarod. Hats off to the fearless folk brave enough to sprint through Chicago with a shopping cart in tow.

Best Bribe goes to Disco of Oz. Their bag of Oz goodies (an Honorary PHD, Medal, Baggie of Brains, Heart, Courage, a Barrel of Monkey’s, and rainbow suckers) were extremely effective in swaying our judges. It’s the Chicago way. They also wooed the hearts of our bike marshals.


People’s Choice :: The Dept. of Public Jerks & Potholes

Secret Gentlement Department of Public Jerks 2015

These dual-carted construction crew returns to win yet another award by garnering the most favor with our participants. Just listen to some of the nice things said about these fine racers…

  • I loved the secret gentleman’s club construction crew
  • I was really impressed with how the two construction themed art carts actually fooled people into thinking they were real work crews
  • The Men at work carts with the bulldozer et al
  • The road construction crew. steam roller and wrecking ball


Best Sabotage :: Notorious RBGs

Most Honorable Dishonorable Mention :: CJ Ownz

2015 - Notorious RBG 31 - Justin Goh

This team of feisty Ruth Bader Ginsburgs claimed the top sabotage prize. They practiced “textbook chicanery” by attaching heavy Law textbooks to opponents’ carts. It seems they tipped the proverbial scales in their favor.

CJ Ownz 2015 Justin Goh
Talk about llama-drama, team CJ Ownz takes home MHDM, a.k.a the “Ate the Yellow Snow” award. Anyone who found themselves within a 5 foot radius of their llama cart put themselves at risk of getting sprayed by what we can only hope was beer. Shudder.



These are just a few of the incredible achievements from our teams. There are countless other amazing things our participants create; we wish we had the space to showcase them all. To all who co-created the epic that was CHIDitarod X, we love and salute you. Mush!

Award(s) Team Name
Most Epic Fundraiser Derailers & Action Squad
Most Food Donated Chidiots
Best Art Cart Chubby Funkadelics
1st Place Time Year of Danger
Best in Show Chidiots
2nd Best Art Cart Department of Public Jerks
2nd place Food Drive Team Jack
3rd place Food Drive The Wet Bandits
2nd place Fundraising Coreganizers
3rd place Fundraising Troop Beverly Hills
4th place Fundraising 3 girls, stash & tail – 9th Ed
2nd place Time Arizona Quints
3rd place Time Garvey’s Cart
2nd Best in Show The Avengers
3rd Best in Show 3 Girls, Stash & Tail
Best Food Cart Hobo Q
Rookie of the Year Award Bee Funy
DFL Your Final Rose
Chiditahunt – Scavenger Photo contest Bob’s Burger Team
Best Bribe Disco of Oz
Bike Marshals Choice Disco of Oz
Ate the Yellow Snow: Most Honorable Dishonorable Mention CJ Ownz
Hot Mess Award Beautiful Disasters – aka Orange is the New Black team
Special Moment Breakfast Club
Special Mention Queer Mishap
Best Use of Duct Tape Award El Queso de Muerte
Nick’s Beer Garden’s Talent Show Girls, Girls, Girls
Cobra Lounge Best in Air Guitar Polymaracers
Dressed to the Nines: Best Team Costume Mountain Attack Kill
Spirit of Chiditarod The Vanguard

Race Timing Totals

Team Number Team Name Time
1 The Year of Danger 2:48:42
2 Arizona Quints 2:55:54
3 Garvey’s Cart 3:01:29
4 AO Chicago 3:03:13
5 Predator 3:04:01
6 Troop 69 3:05:30
7 The wizard of 40 oz 3:10:46
8 Party Snoopers 3:19:19
9 Supermarket Sweep 3:25:10
10 The Year of Leisure 3:28:09
11 MMMM Corn dogs 3:31:11
12 The Goonies 3:33:22
13 The Limit Does Not Exist 3:33:58
14 Sexfist 3:41:20
15 PreK for the Win 3:42:22
16 Bob’s Burgers 3:50:00
17 Fists of Righteous Harmony 3:53:03
18 The Disco of Oz 3:53:52
19 Chillin’ Like A Villain 3:54:04
20 Bread Boots 3:56:18
21 Wyld Stallyns 3:57:37
22 Puttin’ on the Ritz 3:57:54
23 Space Jam 3:58:13
24 Boozin Away Hunger 3:59:22
25 Gaynor, Gaynor, Gaynor, Jung & Sands 4:02:28
26 Chidiots 4:03:55
27 Takin’ It to the Streets 4:04:50
28 CJ Ownz 4:11:29
29 Ezra Pound it Out 4:11:55
30 The Undesirables 4:12:49
31 Spit, Semen and Men 4:13:30
32 Baywatch 4:13:51
33 Back to the 90`s 4:14:26
34 The Run-egades 4:16:19
35 Half Naked 4:17:47
36 Your Final Rose 4:18:09
37 Wigs Jacked For Jesus 4:19:52
38 Polar Beers 4:20:14
39 Narwahlnadoes! 4:20:57
40 Beautiful Disasters 4:21:36
41 Skeeballerz 4:21:51
42 Zombies FC 4:22:04
43 Queer Mishap 4:23:06
44 Salon Serenity 4:23:35
45 Team Brella 4:24:53
46 allforoneandoneforall 4:27:10
47 The Wet Bandits 4:28:18
48 Breakfast Club 4:28:50
49 Naughty By Nurture 4:30:01
50 Mad Max 4:30:31
51 HMS Paula Deen 4:31:29
52 Ruinous Powers 4:34:41
53 Gyros in a Half Shell 4:35:25
54 Mutt Cuts 4:36:07
55 The Institute of Truth 4:37:13
56 Polymeracers 4:37:31
57 X 4:38:23
58 Breakfast in Bed 4:39:13
59 Rajin’ Canjuns 4:41:56
60 YOLO 2015: FAST FOOD 4:43:32
61 The Bear Minimum 4:45:55
62 3GS&T, 9th Ed. 4:46:50
63 REALLY?!?!?! 4:49:22
64 Notorious RBGs 4:52:57
65 Katy Perry and the Left Sharks 4:53:29
66 Tour de Franzia 4:54:29
67 The Vanguard 4:55:55
68 Carts of Fire! 4:56:22
69 Cavity Sam and the Operation Station 5:00:55
70 The Halftime Show 5:01:31
Slice of Spice DNF
“1507” DNF
The B Team DNF
The Bee Team DNF
#TooSoon DNF
The Whore-egon Trail DNF
Bullying ain’t cool guys. DNF
El Queso de Muerte DNF
Craig’s Bachelor Party DNF
Hell’s Spice Girls DNF
Fresh Lemonade DNF
Yellow Discipline DNF
The Velour Comets DNF
Slumber Party DNF
Girls Girls Girls DNF
Grand Budapest DNF
Shopping Cartier 2 DNF
I’ve Got Something In My Front Pocket For You DNF
Sha’Dynasty DNF
Lady Bro’s DNF
Life’s A Garden… Dig It!!! DNF
My Little Bronies DNF
My Mama Told Me DNF
Octopus’ Garden Party DNF
Old Fashioneds and Adultery DNF
Peen Scene DNF
battl DNF
Bangerzz DNF
Tub Rubbers DNF
Troop Beverly Hills DNF
Team M.B.U. – The Mobile Beerpong Unit DNF
Team Jack DNF
Notorious RBG Represent DNF
Call of the Wild DNF
Total Recall DNF
Spice Girls DNF
The Avengers DNF
Mixed Bearies DNF
Game Night DNF
The Intercontinental Heavyweight Champions of the World DNF
Willy Wonka DNF
The Loose Moose DNF
The Shopping Maulers DNF
The Supremes DNF
The Piece of Resistance DNF
The Kragle DNF
Team Skye DNF
Sandlot DNF
Hip-Hip-Hooray DNF
French Toast Mafia DNF
Action-Squad DNF
Almost Married – Bride DNF
Almost Married – Groom DNF
Lagunitas Sucks DNF
Motley Crew DNF
Team Happy Trails DNF
Hobo-Q DNF
The Department of Public Jerks DNF
The Pot Holes DNF
The Derailers DNF
Mountain Attack Kill DNF
The Chubby Funkadelics DNF
The Chubby Funkadelics 2 DNF
Hellzapoppin’ X DNF
Lazyboys Confusion DNF
Bee funny DNF
Friars of West Town DNF
Little Red Ryding Hood’s 3 Little Pigs DNF

DNF = Did not finish. DNF teams did not complete all 5 checkpoints. Feedback from our racers indicated the weather was so nice that they weren’t in a rush and wanted to enjoy being outside, so they either skipped the finish line or skipped a checkpoint in order to get to the awards ceremony.

CHIditarod Foundation Fundraising

Team Name Team # Total Donations
Derailers & Action Squad 1, 132 $5,639
Coreganizers Volunteers $4,495
Troop Beverly Hills 36 $2,587
Team X 5 $2,530
3 Girls a Tail & a Stash, 9th Ed. 2 $2,114
Bullying ain't cool guys. 77 $1,617
Team Brella 108 $1,380
Secret Gentlemen's Club @ Emporium Checkpoint $1,380
Chidiots 17 $1,317
Chillin Like a Villain 59 $1,053
Sexfist (aka Draggin' Hoses) 105 $1,010
Mahoney's Checkpoint $922
Skeeballerz 64 $711
Zombies FC 83 $682
Wigs Jacked for Jesus 38 $607
Fire Water Lounge's (Five Star Bar) Checkpoint $600
Bike Marshals Volunteers $590
Breakfast in Bed 76 $555
Queer Mishap 4 $505
Slice of Spice 106 $500
The Goonies 109 $455
My Little Bronies 93 $390
Really?!?!?! 102 $280
Roots Handmade Pizza Checkpoint $275
The Whoregon Trail 55 $204
Jessica, Amy, Sarah Barber (Team Bob's Burgers) 42 $150
Velour Comets 50 $145
Breakfast Club 58 $100
Mundus Absurdus @ Phyllis' Musical Inn $100
Ragin Cajun 101 $45
Awesome Starting Line Volunteers Volunteers $25
Supermarket Sweep 32 $20
Fresh Lemonade 82 $10

Epic Food Drive

Team Name Poundage Raised
Chidiots 8576.5
Team Jack 1070
The Wet Bandits 515
Wigs Jacked For Jesus 402.6
1507 389.5
Hobo-Q 344
REALLY?!?!?! 292.5
The Goonies 281
Lagunitas Sucks 256.6
The Chubby Funkadelics 223.4
The Chubby Funkadelics 2 223.4
Rajin’ Canjuns 200
Zombies FC 199.5
My Little Bronies 198
Bob’s Burgers 197.8
KINDbar 197.5
Team Brella 190
The Whore-egon Trail 187.6
Octopus’ Garden Party 179.5
Queer Mishap 176.5
Bee funny 168.2
Slice of Spice 167.2
Gyros in a Half Shell 161.8
Mutt Cuts 155.8
Baywatch 149.4
Arizona Quints 148.4
Breakfast in Bed 142.2
MMMM Corn dogs 141.8
Almost Married – Bride 137.1
Almost Married – Groom 137.1
Spice Girls 135.5
Notorious RBG Represent 134.8
Ruinous Powers 132
Katy Perry and the Left Sharks 131
Total Recall 130.5
Naughty By Nurture 130.2
battl 129.4
Back to the 90`s 129.2
El Queso de Muerte 127.8
Puttin’ on the Ritz 127.8
The Pot Holes 126
Boozin Away Hunger 125.4
Bangerzz 125
Hellzapoppin’ X 123
Lazyboys Confusion 120.4
Bearcreek Soup 120
WCCF Drunks 117.8
Willy Wonka 116.5
The Department of Public Jerks 116.5
Spit, Semen and Men 116.2
allforoneandoneforall 115.4
Craig’s Bachelor Party 115
Old Fashioneds and Adultery 113.4
Notorious RBGs 112.8
Chillin’ Like A Villain 111
Supermarket Sweep 110.6
Bullying ain’t cool guys. 109.8
Shopping Cartier 2 109.6
Yellow Discipline 109.5
Girls Girls Girls 109.5
The Bear Minimum 108.5
The Derailers 108.2
Gaynor, Gaynor, Gaynor, Jung & Sands 106.8
The Run-egades 105.6
The Year of Leisure 105
My Mama Told Me 104.8
Party Snoopers 104.6
The wizard of 40 oz 103.6
Troop 69 102.5
AO Chicago 101.2
Fresh Lemonade 101
Carts of Fire! 100.6
#TooSoon 100.5
The Institute of Truth 100
French Toast Mafia 98.25
Fists of Righteous Harmony 98.25
3GS&T, 9th Ed. 98
CJ Ownz 98
Game Night 97.2
Life’s A Garden… Dig It!!! 97
The Kragle 97
Tub Rubbers 96.8
Polymeracers 95
Garvey’s Cart 95
Your Final Rose 94.8
The B Team 94.5
I’ve Got Something In My Front Pocket For You 94.5
Bread Boots 92.8
Team Happy Trails 92.4
HMS Paula Deen 91.5
The Avengers 91.2
The Loose Moose 88.4
Mixed Bearies 87.5
Mountain Attack Kill 86.8
The Year of Danger 86.5
Tour de Franzia 86.2
Sha’Dynasty 86
The Undesirables 86
The Halftime Show 85.5
The Intercontinental Heavyweight Champions of the World 85.4
Cavity Sam and the Operation Station 84.6
Hell’s Spice Girls 84.5
Motley Crew 84
Breakfast Club 82
Predator 82
Team Skye 81.5
Salon Serenity 81.4
The Disco of Oz 80.6
Action-Squad 80.4
The Limit Does Not Exist 80
The Piece of Resistance 79.8
The Shopping Maulers 79.5
Space Jam 79
Half Naked 78.4
PreK for the Win 77.5
Sandlot 77
X 76.8
The Velour Comets 76
The Vanguard 76
Grand Budapest 76
Little Red Ryding Hood’s 3 Little Pigs 76
Beautiful Disasters 75.6
Slumber Party 75.5
Polar Beers 75.5
The Bee Team 75.4
Wyld Stallyns 75.4
Takin’ It to the Streets 75
Skeeballerz 73.2
Friars of West Town 71.8
Mad Max 68
Ezra Pound it Out 67.25
Hip-Hip-Hooray 67.25
YOLO 2015: FAST FOOD 66.2
Troop Beverly Hills 65.8
Sexfist (aka Draggin’ Hoses) 65.6
Team M.B.U. – The Mobile Beerpong Unit 65.2
Narwahlnadoes! 65
Bike Marshals 60

Incredible Checkpoint Contributions

And while it’s hard to say enough about all the crazy-amazing-beautiful-inspiring-people that make CHIditarod possible, we continue to cherish our checkpoints through the years (new and old alike) who treat us and YOU right, we are thankful to have such great businesses in our community that love a good time.  We are THRILLED to recognize our 2015 checkpoints, please go support them as they support fighting hunger!

Checkpoint Donation
Cobra Lounge 274
Emporium 653
Five Star Bar 600
Mahoney’s $1,457
Nick’s Beer Garden 460
Phyllis’s Musical Inn 300
Roots Handmade Pizza check is in the mail

Prize, Food, Equipment & Service Donations

Donor Donation
Chicago Wolves Hockey 2 Tickets
Writer’s Theatre 2 Tickets
Comedy Sportz 4 Tickets
Harris Theater for Music & Dance Two Tickets to the Chamber Music Society
The Lagunitas Brewing Co. Sip & Spill Pack
Finch’s Beer Co. Brewery Tour
Chicago Cubs Autographed Jason Motte Baseball
Halfwit Coffee Roasters Coffee Donation
Bernie the Wood Guy Firewood
The Lagunitas Brewing Co. Beer Donation
Atlas Brewery Beer Donation
KindBar Awesome Kindbars!
Bear Creak Soup Delicious soup for racers and GCFD
Urban Canopy Veggies
Edible Alchemy Breakfast Burritos
RoadSafe Traffic Systems Barricades
Heyu – Richard Kelly 4 full propane tanks and propane heaters
Heyu – Richard Kelly use of propane heaters (3)
Beebop 1 burn barrel
Chicago Communications LLC Awesome radio/mic rentals