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2017 Results

CHIditarod XII
March 4, 2017

18,404 Meals for the Hungry
 22,085 Pounds of Food Collected
$45,000 Raised to Fight Hunger in Chicago
Eight hundred women, men, astronauts, “school kids”, Ve…Read more

How to Win, Place, or Show at Chiditarod 

Experienced Chiditarod Master Judges and members of the COREganizer Corps provide some tips for those hoping to win big on race day. 

Okay, what’s the magic formula for winning big? 
There isn’t…Read more

A Guide to Winning Awards

Mark Grutza, CHIdiot racer, and now a CHIditarod Foundation Board Member, remembers coming into Chiditarod as a new racer and realizing that if they wanted to win, they’d have to go big. Here’s how th…Read more

How to Bribe at Chiditarod

An experienced Chiditarod Master Judge, who is also an award-winning bribe creator, provides some tips for those new to the bribe aspect of race day.

Is bribing required to win?
Not unless you are…Read more

How to Race Like a Pro. Tips from a Team

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When it comes to CHIditarod, there are several teams that come back, time and time again. Action Squad became a dynasty team, being involved with the race from h…Read more