Charity. Asphalt. Glory.

CHIditarod is Chicago’s 100% volunteer-driven Epic Urban shopping cart race, charity food drive, costumed beauty pageant, talent show, fundraiser and chaos generator all in one. It’s probably the world’s largest mobile food drive, benefiting the Greater Chicago Food Depository and the CHIditarod Foundation.

CHIditarod XIII is March 3, 2018 and registration is now open! Dust off your ole’ cart, fire up that blowtorch, sew those costumes, batten down the hatches, clean those pipes, grease them wheels and prepare yourself. CHIditarod approacheth and thee best be ready.

CHIditarod is more than just costumes and shopping carts. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to eradicating hunger. Our annual micro-grant program has provided $121,500 in funds to Chicago-area nonprofits solving hunger challenges via education, innovation, and direct action. CHIditarod is a 100% volunteer driven event, and we need 300+ volunteers on race day to make it a success.


2007 CHIditarod Results

Once again, the CHIditarod reigned supreme in size, scope, and difficulty. The temperature hovered in the high twenties for the entire race, as opposed to last year’s warm, clear skies. 50% MORE teams participated. Two additional checkpoints were added, bringing the total to four. The race was just around 4.5 miles. Sabotage reared its sinister head…

2006 CHIditarod Results

The turnout was spectacular. The race was intense. The beer was cold. The carts were FULL of food! Team Name Team Slogan Place Lbs food Captain Slam and the Four Hodags By the power of greyskull. 1 57.75 Runaway Bride 2 44.75 Biking Vikings Handjob 3 29.25 Palmer Park Freedom Funk Five THE MOTHERSHIP CONNECTION…

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