Race Day (Morning)

The Big Day arrives.  Your Yard team hit the ground at 7:30 am and unloaded the truck. Structures are set, barricades are in place, snow has been shoveled and the aromas of bacon and coffee waft through the air. Soon the first teams will arrive, intent on getting the best spots for starting their race with advantages.  Everything is in order.  Enjoy it while you can.  “Order” is not a word frequently associated with your event. Remember to set the tone for everyone involved — fun, light hearted, generous, and intensely competitive.

Be attentive to waivers, etc., as well as to whatever commitments you have made to neighbors and authorities.  Your reliability will be important this year, and will determine whether you ever get to do this again.

Be ready to accept your food donations.  CHIditarod used to collect food at the end of the race, but then realized it would be much easier and helpful to collect the food at the Starting Line.  This makes for a swifter race, and although the food is non-perishable, even canned food can meet a violent end if a cart tips over next to a bus. (Do not try that at home. Just trust us on this one.)