Chiditarod VIII

  • 12:30 pm

Chiditarod 2011 - Devin Starting Line

Making the epic “epic” for the past 7 years, now entering its 8th year.

Chiditarod (ʃai*dit’*ə*rɒd): n.) the annual Chicago-based phenomenon that combines elements of the Alaskan Iditarod® with Chicago’s finest brand of debaucherous social activism. Part food drive, part race, part beauty pageant, part bar crawl. A spectacle like no other.

On March 2nd Chicago’s mushers, artists, philanthropists, craftswomen, action heroes, pub-crawlers, professional badasses, cartoon characters, activists, ninjas, saboteurs, old people, robots, unicorns and enthusiastic leisurists will assemble yet again to perpetrate what is *probably* the world’s largest mobile food drive — CHIDITAROD VIII.

10am – Teams begin arriving
11am – Fans gather
12:30 pm – MUSH !!
5 pm ish – awards ceremony