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Chiditarod 2010 Results

    EPIC start of CHIditarod 2010.  Photo by

    CHIditarod V

    120 teams.

    150 volunteers.

    50 degrees & sunny.

    One EPIC start to rule them all.

    14,525 pounds of food collected.

    CHIditarod V ran into historic glory on March 6, 2010.  120 teams and over 150 volunteers participated in the largest and most successful CHIditarod to date.  The effort and creative prowess of our participants was raised to new heights this year.  Art Carts, Grill Carts, Tanks, Cupcakes, Star Wars, Old People, Fire Engines, BaconRod, ChiditaBoot, and more.  The weather was a balmy, sunny 50 degrees.  The Environmental Encroachment magic circus band celebrated their 5th Chiditabirthday by kicking off the race with their signature flair.  Bellys were filled.  For those of you who won prizes, we offer our heartiest of congratulations! For those of you who didn’t, we remind you once again that it is the journey, not the destination that matters…and also that the CHIditarod’s judges are distinguished not so much by their excellent taste as by their sheer insanity and ability to hold onto a clipboard while inebriated.  CHIditarod is many things to many people.  Whether it be a food drive, race, fashion show, art parade, soapbox, barcrawl, charity, or some of the greatest improv streat theater ever, the CHIditarod Coreganizers salute all who partipated in manifesting CHIditarod V.  EPIC.

    Food Drive & Fundraising

    The sheer generosity humbles us.  Thank you, THANK YOU, for your heart-felt contributions towards helping Chicago’s hungry.  Through our noble and generous participants, CHIditarod V raised 14,525 pounds of food for the Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation.  Our preliminary reports indicated that the sheer volume of food – delivered in 2 trucks – overwhelmed their warehouse!!  We nearly doubled last year’s food intake.  The tri-teamed Area 3 Allstars raised over 3 tons by themselves!

    CHIditarod V also empowered teams to raise funds online for the Federation.  We are ecstatic to announce that over $2,400 was raised for the Federation by these participating teams:

    What an incredible show of generosity.  Be proud of your accomplishments, knowing that your efforts will benefit hundreds of fellow Chicago citizens.

    CHIditarod is and always will be a charitable and sponsor-free event.  Various organizations throughout Chicago donated time, expertise, goods and goodwill to this year’s CHIditarod and our chosen charity – The Chicago Anti-hunger federation.  We’d like to publically thank the following non-exhaustive list of organizations:

    A huge thank you to our 2010 checkpoints for graciously hosting the EPIC this year.  In the spirit of giving, our checkpoints have been asked to donate 15% of their CHIditarod profits directly to the Federation.  We will provide updates on that front soon.  In the meantime, next time you find yourself in one of these fine establishments, mention it to your bartenders!


    Coreganizer Honor Roll

    With the increase in teams each year, it becomes more and more challenging to spot and recognize teams of greatness within a 6 hour timespan.  The miracle of the interwebs let’s us relive CHIditarod through photo, video, and caption.  This year we’re introducing some post-race recognition for those who went above and beyond, but perhaps didn’t bask in the glory as deeply as they were meant to on race day.  We salute you.

    • Sunday Drivers – Always in character, crowd pleasers, shaking hands with bystanders.
    • Men with Large Hoses – The confetti canon!
    • Christians for Haiti (aka TBD All Stars) – Just plain hilarious.
    • Holy Rollers – for being so inappropriately appropriate, and for runningjayhawk’s twitter pics.
    • Svengoolie One – Incredibly fun, supurb execution, great theme, and for staying up all night making chicken.
    • Warenkorb der Feurigen Tod – Grill Carts serving ample amounts of superbly delicous meat and roasted veggies throughout the entire race.
    • The BaconRod – bacon… and more bacon!  Gifting over 30 pounds of delicious mouth-watering bacon to fellow CHIditarodders.
    • Super G Spot & Team Vagazzle – The perfect combination.
    • Flying Circus – a fanfreakingtastic job challenging Action Squad on direct donations!
    • The Breen Flickinger Clan – For feedin’ the needin!

    2010 Official Prizes

    We gave out about as many prizes in 2010 as there were teams in 2006 (wow).  Scroll way down if you’re looking for timing.

    Team # Team Name Prize Category
    3 Area 3 Allstars #1 1st Place Time
    20 Area 3 Allstars #3 2nd Place Time
    71 Gern and the Boys 3rd Place Time
    86 Gybe Ho’s Super Bonus Challenge
    95 English Cottage DFL
    3 Area 3 Allstars #1 Best in Food
    14 Yasknuza Yaluza 2nd Best in Food
    58 Mountain Attack Kill Best in Show – The Tank!
    61 Goonies 2nd Best in Show
    5 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Worst in Show
    13 Action-Squad Spirit of CHIditarod
    61 Goonies 2nd Spirit of CHIditarod
    3 Area 3 Allstars #1 Most Honorable Dishonorable Mention
    30 CJ Ownz Best Sabotage – The Chiditaboot!
    47 Mario Kart Good Samaritan Award
    51 Ron Burgundy and the Channel Four News Team Best Simulated Coitus
    116 TEAM VAGAZZLE Best in Vulva
    13 Action-Squad Best in Karaoke
    71 Gern and the Boys Best in Chaiku
    82 The Communist Womanifesto Best in Cheerditarod
    61 Goonies Best in Pole Dance
    13 Action-Squad Bike Marshal’s Choice
    10 Candy Coded Best Art Cart – Spinning Cupcake!
    10 Candy Coded Industrial Design
    13 Action-Squad Most Industrious Fundraiser
    61 Goonies Chitwitterod – racer prize
    Brian Lauvray Chitwitterod – nonracer prize
    Steve Shanabruch Design contest winner

    Photography and Video

    There is an enormous amount of photography and videography out there.  We’ve created a CHIditarod 2010 Photo and Video page linking to everything we’ve found thus far.  You can comment on that page with additional links to media you discover across the web.



    If you were new to the race, welcome!  Hopefully your bruises and egos have healed by now and you’ll consider joining us again.  You may have been surprised at the presence of covert ops, greasy palms, overt sabotage, and general sneakiness present at CHIditarod.  CHIditarod is many things to many people, including an opportunity to “do a good thing, but do it all wrong.”  Creative sabotage is possible and likely during CHIditarod, and its one of the characteristics that makes this event so unique.  We’ve received thoughtful feedback from teams this year about sabotage and how it affects racer dynamics.  We are especially interested in hearing additional feedback on this area.  We will be considering this information carefully as we move forward.  We’re planning on creating a couple how-to guides for next year, including “How not to be a douchebag at CHIditarod” and “CHIditarod for Noobs“.  Both will become instant bestsellers.


    Wall of Shame

    All teams submitting cart deposit refund proof have received their cart deposit refunds as promised as of this point.  The Leave No Trace effort of CHIditarod 2010 was a major improvement over 2009.  Thank you!!  As is (unfortunately) customary, a few teams left their carts behind.  We’ve archived these noble souls on the 2010 CHIditarod Wall of Shame.


    Flags – a Big Deal

    The CHIditarod Coreganizers are a small group of volunteers who expend countless amounts of time and energy preparing, executing, and wrapping (cleaning) up the CHIditarod.  We hold the event and its purpose in the highest regard.  We set the stage for racers to play a very large, exciting, dynamic game in Chicago, all for a very good and needed cause.  It is with sadness that we must share that Yet Another CHIditarod Flag was stolen from the race this year.  The perpetrators were creative in fashioning a ransom note and Polaroid pictures of the captive flag (which was very clever), demanding first place (i.e cash and a trophy) in exchange.  We deplore this heinous act!  Stealing from CHIditarod is of the highest insult and the ugliest display of poor form.  Coreganizers devote countless unpaid hours towards the CHIditarod, which continues to grow in complexity, size, and effort every year.  It is disappointing to know that we are thanked with theft.  As a racer planning sabotage, you might not know where to draw the line.  This is that line.  If you like/love CHIditarod, and want it to continue, please do what you can to ensure that whomever stole the flag in 2010 (and the one in 2009) will have the heart and conscience to return them to us unharmed.  No questions asked.  We’re serious.


    We Want Your Feedback

    Please participate in our post-race survey, which will be sent out to all racers in the next week. Choose your favorite teams in our new people’s choice poll, and tell us what you liked about the race and what you think we should work on for next year.  If you have immediate feedack to get off of your chest, please contact us now.



    This is the full list of teams reporting in at the finish line.  If you note any weird spelling of your team name, just let us know and we’ll repair it. If – for whatever reason – your team info is missing from the tally, let us know all the details and we’ll add you.  Yes, we know that the computerized timing system had problems (again).  We have top men working on it.  TOP MEN.

    # Team Name Time In Total Time
    3 Area 3 Allstars #1 02:39:05 PM 01:51:04
    20 Area 3 Allstars #3 02:44:43 PM 01:56:42
    71 Gern and the Boys 03:03:34 PM 02:15:33
    37 Rickshaw 03:07:08 PM 02:19:07
    19 Area 3 Allstars #2 03:10:36 PM 02:22:35
    114 Lions & Gorillas 03:11:27 PM 02:23:26
    111 Power Biznitch 03:12:06 PM 02:24:05
    53 Team MOX 03:16:27 PM 02:28:26
    52 Kibbles und Blitzed 03:27:37 PM 02:39:36
    14 Yasknuza Yaluza 03:30:06 PM 02:42:05
    12 Cub Scout Troop 138 03:30:36 PM 02:42:35
    42 Lycra Loin Brigade 03:31:08 PM 02:43:07
    15 Polymeracer 03:32:12 PM 02:44:11
    50 The Lunch Ladies 03:33:32 PM 02:45:31
    29 More Lions! 03:34:18 PM 02:46:17
    21 Rub-a-dub-dub 03:38:44 PM 02:50:43
    35 Certified 03:39:06 PM 02:51:05
    5 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 03:39:20 PM 02:51:19
    81 Super G Spot 03:39:52 PM 02:51:51
    40 The Lawbreakers 03:40:12 PM 02:52:11
    104 Beer for My Horses 03:41:26 PM 02:53:25
    7 Never Nudes 03:42:48 PM 02:54:47
    63 Golden Girls 03:46:24 PM 02:58:23
    54 The Holy Rollers!!! 03:48:04 PM 03:00:03
    101 Gentlemen…To Evil 03:52:22 PM 03:04:21
    119 Bad Advice Bears 03:52:43 PM 03:04:42
    11 Madman Curie 03:53:10 PM 03:05:09
    33 Plastered Paramedics 03:54:32 PM 03:06:31
    24 Gump Enterprises 03:54:46 PM 03:06:45
    22 Fore Play 03:55:21 PM 03:07:20
    31 Jackie Treehorn & His Magnificant Orchestra of Doom 03:55:42 PM 03:07:41
    38 Team Burt Reynolds 03:56:45 PM 03:08:44
    115 Closed Casket Crew (CCC) 03:57:10 PM 03:09:09
    116 TEAM VAGAZZLE 04:03:31 PM 03:15:30
    76 The Ghost of DJ Roomba 04:03:38 PM 03:15:37
    72 Team Awesome 04:05:17 PM 03:17:16
    26 Brokeass Teachers 04:05:33 PM 03:17:32
    30 CJ Ownz 04:05:52 PM 03:17:51
    118 Flying Circus 04:06:19 PM 03:18:18
    78 Drunken Smurfs 04:14:05 PM 03:26:04
    84 Metromix Chicago 04:14:30 PM 03:26:29
    86 Gybe Ho’s 04:17:57 PM 03:29:56
    32 Team BLAND 04:18:09 PM 03:30:08
    94 New Zoo Review 04:18:26 PM 03:30:25
    28 Band of Gypsies 04:18:50 PM 03:30:49
    68 Team Angry Dragon 04:18:58 PM 03:30:57
    100 The Warriors 04:20:19 PM 03:32:18
    45 We’d Love to Turn You On 04:21:02 PM 03:33:01
    77 G Bustas 04:21:59 PM 03:33:58
    62 Carnyl Knöwledge 04:22:17 PM 03:34:16
    79 The Urban Explorers 04:23:40 PM 03:35:39
    69 2CH3-4H 04:24:24 PM 03:36:23
    4 Svengoolie One 04:24:43 PM 03:36:42
    51 Ron Burgundy and the Channel Four News Team 04:30:57 PM 03:42:56
    13 Action-Squad 04:31:04 PM 03:43:03
    6 1.21 gigawatts 04:31:13 PM 03:43:12
    83 Team Wingspan 04:31:31 PM 03:43:30
    48 Real Reality Sucks 04:31:58 PM 03:43:57
    96 In Tent City 04:35:58 PM 03:47:57
    49 Imma be 04:40:23 PM 03:52:22
    82 The Communist Womanifesto 04:40:37 PM 03:52:36
    80 Team Ram-Rod 04:42:25 PM 03:54:24
    90 Save a Horse, Ride a Cowgirl 04:43:05 PM 03:55:04
    56 I’d Hit It 04:47:29 PM 03:59:28
    102 Magic School Bus 04:48:15 PM 04:00:14
    112 This aint our first rodeo 04:51:10 PM 04:03:09
    99 John’s Team 04:52:00 PM 04:03:59
    18 Dudestorm 04:54:08 PM 04:06:07
    46 Lactose Tolerant 04:57:39 PM 04:09:38
    109 The Coal Barons 05:01:28 PM 04:13:27
    1 LAKE’D 05:01:38 PM 04:13:37
    10 Candy Coded 05:02:02 PM 04:14:01
    61 Goonies 05:03:01 PM 04:15:00
    103 Clubbing Baby Seals 05:03:05 PM 04:15:04
    59 TBD All-Stars 05:03:15 PM 04:15:14
    44 Tricky Dick and ze Jager Meisters 05:03:45 PM 04:15:44
    75 The Mooseknuckles 05:04:24 PM 04:16:23
    91 Sunday Drivers 05:04:37 PM 04:16:36
    67 Ice Road Truckers 05:06:08 PM 04:18:07
    88 Revulvas 05:08:52 PM 04:20:51
    16 The Tony Danza’s 05:13:33 PM 04:25:32
    17 The Chicago Reacharounds 05:15:07 PM 04:27:06
    55 Shipwrecked 05:17:48 PM 04:29:47
    65 Remember, Remember the 5th of November 05:22:21 PM 04:34:20
    89 The Olympians 05:23:37 PM 04:35:36
    58 Mountain Attack Kill 05:23:54 PM 04:35:53
    47 Mario Kart 05:27:33 PM 04:39:32
    120 Jersey Shore 05:27:39 PM 04:39:38
    97 Cluck You 05:27:51 PM 04:39:50
    60 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 05:32:34 PM 04:44:33
    87 Eleven Seven TEAM 05:36:34 PM 04:48:33
    110 Baconrod 05:42:09 PM 04:54:08
    23 Freakalicious 05:46:49 PM 04:58:48
    39 Benetton 05:58:43 PM 05:10:42
    95 English Cottage 06:11:21 PM 05:23:21
    8 Warenkorb der Feurigen Tod
    41 Team Dills
    43 Dee dee and her boys
    57 DonkeyPunchologists
    92 the ninja turtlers
    107 The Bennys
    113 polska polska
    121 Drunk and Woolies
    2 Cafaino’s Mustache
    9 United Hosers of Canadia, Eh?
    25 The Dancing Goombas
    27 Team Dinglehopper
    34 Men with Large Hoses
    36 Mario Kart
    64 The Petting Zoo
    66 We’re Legendary! Snitches!!
    70 Drill. Tap. Screw
    73 Jurassic Sparks
    74 DePauw
    85 RedEye
    93 Those Meddling Kids
    98 Suit Up!
    105 fatcamp
    106 Care Bears
    108 Paddy Wagon
    117 Whiskey and Dreams