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2010 Wall of Shame

    Not bad, not bad.  We are happy to mention that nearly all of you removed your carts this year – thank you, thank you, thank you!  The fame-to-shame ratio is WAY up compared to last year.  This could be due to the heftier $50 cart deposit, but we like to think it’s because the noble CHIditarod participants care enough to leave no trace and help make our lives easier.  But enough Fame.. let’s get to the meat of it.  Cart-abandoning teams, we declare shenanigans upon you! And in so doing, you now have a place on the 2010 CHIditarod Wall of Shame.


    #5 – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

    These guys are incredible.  First they were bestowed the less-then-coveted worst in show award for their general douchebag-a-thon start to finish, then they sent us a photo depicting “removal” of their cart from the Bottom Lounge, which we promptly found in an alley a block away the following day.  AND they continually emailed us saying they brought their cart home.  Liars.  Detention!


    So.. really.. what’s with the bike frame chained to the cart?


    Ferris, please. You’ve gone too far. We’re going to get busted.


    #31 – Jackie Treehorn & His Magnificant Orchestra of Doom

    We have to hand it to this team.  Their cart was the ONLY one remaining in the Bottom Lounge parking lot when our strike-ops team arrived on-scene.  They humped people… but had decent plumage.  We like how they thought to leave their number so we could use it again next year.  Thanks, geniuses.


    The last cart standing.  Ballsy.


    Not sure how this ties in with Lebowski… but The Dude abides.

    #88 – Revulvas

    A good looking team, for sure.  Too bad they’re liars.  After leaving their cart behind some dumpsters in an alley near the Bottom Lounge, they then had the gumption to send us pictures of them “returning their cart” to the supermarket.  Not only did they leave their cart, they spent time and energy taking a picture for the deposit refund.  That’s not sabotage, that’s just… lying.  Dirty stinky lying.  Sure their CHIditarod cart was wet, and full of trash.  But there’s nothing wrong with an “experienced” cart – one that’s been around the block a couple times, you know…


    Poor cart.  All alone.  Plenty of decent caution tape still attached.  <tear>


    E.T… cute!

    VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

    Faking it.  Awww… cute!

    #70 – Drill. Tap. Screw

    Rumor has it this team left their cart outside of Five Star after discovering they had been the lucky recipient’s of CJ Ownz’s CHIditarod Boot (winner of best sabotage, btw).  They then left their cart, hopped into a cab, and headed for the finish line.  We didn’t end up finding their cart, but the story is worth telling, as it’s funny and educational.  Screwdrivers, duct tape, and wire cutters – part of your next CHIditarod survival kit.


    CVS Cart

    Found with it’s spirit broken, sad, and alone – on Odgen Avenue.


    Next time, gadget.  Next time.