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2011 Results

    Chiditarod VI

    CHIditarod VI exceeded all expectations! On March 5, 2011; 146 teams and close to 200 volunteers participated in yet another epically large and successful CHIditarod!

    This year the Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation benefited from both Food donations equating to “breaking news flash” 19Klbs/8.6 metric tons! AND Monetary donations just tipping over $18.5K. This is 7x the amount of direct money donations from the previous year!! And again Area 3 Allstars came through with over 3 tons of food, plus a cheese plate to make it fancy! But seriously, we couldn’t pull this thing off without the generous support of many a volunteer, racer and these fine upstanding organizations & people that donated time, resources, and materials to help bring about pretty much the best day of the year! We THANK YOU for making CHIditarod feel better than any holiday/birthday morning in recollection!

    Here’s are drum-core call out of all the fine folks that donated cold-hard-cash to the cause – our complete list of monetary donations made to CAHF. Including all teams that raised funds via the GiveForward website (making it simple, easy and fun to jump on the bandwagon to help your team pull ahead in the race and offered up great viewing of the tenacious & awesome battle towards glory for our top fundraisers – bringing in $4000+ and $5000+ respectively), plus teams who either were not present to collect prize monies or graciously donated their award straight back to CAHF, plus close to all our checkpoints kicking back a portion of the days profits!

    Monetary Donations from Teams & Checkpoints:

    • Hipsters – $5.00
    • Candyland Crew – $25.00
    • Team Awesome (aka PacMan) – $45.00
    • Brutals – $50.00
    • RMS Tit – $50.00
    • Team Axis of Evil – $50.00
    • Queequeg’s Ambergris – $50.00
    • O-ren Ishii & the Crazy 88’s – 51.00
    • America’s Largest Water Park – $75.00
    • The Deloreans – $90.86
    • S.O.D. – $100.00
    • Lochness Mobster – $100.00
    • Club Lucky – $100.00
    • Will Act For Food – $115.00
    • Nick’s Beer Garden – $130.00
    • Darkroom – $136.00
    • Five Star Bar – $150.00
    • Go Go Gadget – $155.00
    • French Toast Mafia – $160.00
    • CHIditarod Coreganizers – $165.00
    • Cobra Lounge – $170.00
    • The Flat Iron – $175.00
    • Team Who – The Doctors Who Save Chicago – $190.00
    • Phyllis’ Musical Inn (donating to The Greater Chicago Food Depository – $200.00)
    • Kermit and Friends & Muppets take Chicago – $200.00
    • Hobo-Q3: God of Hellfire – $215.00
    • AREA 3 ALL STARS – $250.00
    • Goldman Sacks – $250.00
    • Twisted Spoke – $250.00
    • Innertown Pub – $260.00
    • Accidental Inception: The Quest for Contraception – $395.00
    • How We Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love The Bomb/TEAM DR. STRANGELOVE – $550.00
    • The Wedding Crashers – $1,260.00
    • Bottom Lounge (2010 & 2011 donation) – $1500.00
    • TheBeagleBoys – $1,801.00
    • Action-Squad – $4,208.00
    • The Derailers – $5,024.00

    Chiditarod is and always will be a charitable and sponsor-free event. Various organizations throughout Chicago and the local region donated time, expertise, goods and goodwill to this year’s Chiditarod and our chosen charity – The Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation. We’d like to publically thank the following non-exhaustive list of folks and organizations.

    Food/Clothing/Other Donations:

    And while It’s hard to say enough about all the crazy-amazing-beautiful-inspiring-people that make CHIditarod possible, we continue to cherish our checkpoints through the years (new and old alike) who treat us and YOU right, we are thankful to have such great businesses in our community that love a good time! Go support them as they support us!


    Please recall our full list of 2011 Prize & Time Results is still top of minds; our Surveys continue to be best way to get your feedback & experiences applied to future years of planning, that while your best bet to find lost articles is to contact bars directly, we may still have some insight to Lost/Found items; and we are still collating information for the Wall of Shame, so that we can get your deposits back to their deserving homes along with the carts that were taken (if you are one of the few still waiting, please email your cart return photo to ASAP).


    Our 2011 Gallery is now up. Please email us links to your photos, videos, and awesome stories and we’ll post them in your honor.


    Two other areas of note:

    I. We DO have 2011 Merchandise available if you happened to miss out. Due to the uniqueness of each item, we’ll ask for some identifying details to help us match you with your new apparel. Your request must include 1. gender, 2. size, 3. color/design/style (aka black/wings/hat or pink/graffiti cart/tank or even red/logo/longsleeve). Go to the ChiRod Store to make your purchase.

    II. We revamp and add to our Sabotage rules each year, based on a few bad apples out there that a) don’t know what creative vs destructive means, b) don’t pay attention to the rules to begin with, or c) would like to race and be merry without having to always be on the defensive we WILL be taking measures to ensure a fun/safe/creative race for EVERYONE next year. Be Forewarned, we are watching!