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Lonesome dog, meet your new team

    lonesome dog

    Don’t make us get Sarah McLachlan involved! We want to help lost dogs find good teams, without the pangs of guilt.  So, lonesome pups and teams needing members, please try any of the following to make things happen.

    1. Twitter is for sure a top choice and we recommend both, teams and dogs, use #lostdawg and @chiditarod. You can also try posting on our Facebook Page, Google+ page, or leaving a comment on this blog post and we’ll try to help when possible (we get awfully busy and can’t promise anything).
    2. Make a flyer and stick it on the door, window, or bulletin board of your favorite record store, coffee shop, watering hole, or exercise facility (with management’s approval, of course).  Who might see it and respond?  People who like some of the same things as you, probably living near by, and don’t mind leaving the house during the winter.
    3. You know that site for connecting people with other people to do fun stuff in their area?  Here’s what to do- find a group that you might fit in with, preferably a large one, and put it out there about doing the CHIditarod.  Chicago Active Singles, 20 and 30 Somethings Chicago, Chicago Bro’s & Chick’s Strictly Social, and Free & Cheap Culture & Night Life all have 700 – 3,000+ members interested in activities like beach volleyball, bowling, ice skating, going to live music shows, dancing, pub crawling, etc.  With so many groups ranging from speaking German to playing Euchre (there’s even one for cuddling), you’ll probably be able to find some like minded people ready for good times and great fun.  Oh, and let’s not forget the Chicago Beer Runners, a group of 737 social runners who like beer.  Can you say Chiditafreakingperfect?!
    4. The Classifieds.  Go figure, postings for meeting people on Craigslist and the Reader are not just for pervs and missed connections?!  Seriously, you can actually use them to find other people interested in doing stuff that you wouldn’t be ashamed to tell your mom about.  One fella who was super eager to race in an early CHIditarod, but being a recent transplant and not knowing a single person in Chicago let alone four, used this very method and had a fabulous time while making new friends.  This works, it really really works.