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ChiditaPROM 2013 Results

    Ladies of ChiditaProm 2013Last week’s Prom was a night of dancing, big hair, and 80′s flair. It was certainly a night to remember. Thank You CHIditaroders for coming to Rodder High’s “A Rod’ To Remember” 80’s ChiditaProm. This was our first-ever all-racer, all-volunteer, all-participant fundraiser. It was a smashing success, raising $3,902.65* for The CHIditarod Foundation!

    Photos? You want photos? Gnarly. Check out the Official Prom Photo gallery by Rodder High photographer Justin Goh. The RedEye got into the spirit, too. Here’s their prom gallery by photographer Hilary Higgins.

    A HUGE thank you to everyone who donated items for our prize drawing! There was some really amazing items. There were 162 of you who braved the cold to party down with us in massive style. It was definitely a night to remember. As promised, here are totals for each team that fundraised by selling tickets and donating items to the prize drawing. Each open bar prom ticket cost $35. $20 of each ticket went directly to the bar, netting a total of $15 fundraised per ticket. Open Bar tickets cost $20 and 100% of that amount goes towards fundraising. The amounts below are the ticket sales (minus the cost to the bar) combined with the amount of funds raised in the prize drawing.

    The Derailers – $560
    Action Squad – $405
    The Bathing Beauties – $155
    I Fucking Love Cake – $96
    Something Like That – $95
    Wigs Jacked For Jesus – $75
    Hobo Q – $66
    Mustachios – $45
    3 Girls, A Stache, and a Tail, 7th Edition – $45
    The Sunnyside Girls – $45
    The Exceptional Children – $40
    Who’s Your Doggy – $30
    Area 3 Allstars – $30
    The Paddy Wagon – $20
    Honkey Tonk Angels – $16
    Rogue Squadron – $15
    Robbers – $15
    Mario Cart – $15
    Hellzapoppin – $12

    * The formerly posted number of $4,181 did not take into account expenses like the sashes, collars, containers for the prize drawing infrastructure. Apologies for jumping the gun; we were so excited!