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2013 Wall O’ Shame

    Ugh, the horror. The horror. These hooligans left such a mess that it took us a full two months to put together this year’s Wall O’ Shame. Cart abandoning teams, while ye may be few in number, your lack of tact is ample. We can only hope a few guilt-ridden, self-administered face-palms ensue. You — yes you — have earned a spot on the 2013 CHIditarod Wall O’ Shame.



    #4 – Black Swan

    The Black Swan is meant to represent both guile and sensuality. When we saw the leg hair curling through those tights we should’ve known we were in for neither. Surprisingly, these manly men were too dainty to take their cart home.





    #25 – Run Like The Winded

    There’s something heartwarming about a few work bro’s getting together for a good cause. Sadly, the deflated Corona bottle makes for a good metaphor for the amount of effort they put into it. Chiditatip #17: Poor preparation and lack of follow-through is no way to get a raise.





    #218 – TMNLGBT

    While we didn’t explicitly say you couldn’t leave the remains of your cart in the Bottom Lounge dumpster, we expected everyone to know better.



    #272 – Secret Service Me

    Nothing like 5 dudes and a cardboard box to protect you from… well, nothing. These guys couldn’t even save their cart from that sneaky brick wall. Don’t worry, secret agents get plenty of second chances.





    #296 – Team T-Rexy

    Imagine Dr. Alan Grant’s surprise when he learned the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park could breed. Let’s hope for no surprises from T-Rexy, it seems they’re capable of leaving quite a mess in their wake.




    Do better next year. We’re disappointed, but we still love you.