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2014 Design Contest

    Have an eye for design and want to go down in CHIditarod history? Participate in the CHIditarod IX design contest! You can submit designs for t-shirts, patches, or posters. Look below for design guidelines and inspiration. The deadline for submission is January 18th.

    Submit your work here.

    Design Guidelines
    When you upload, please title your files appropriately starting with the current year and include nice tags, like:


    Please upload high resolution PDFs for your design submissions. If we choose your design we will contact you for your final design files. Acceptable final design files include layered Photoshop PSD and Illustrator AI files.  Please make sure you keep any custom fonts you use and provide them with your final design package if you are chosen.  Visit for free custom fonts and enter your text in the preview to see how it looks. Choose your font based on legibility. Show it to others to make sure they can easily read what it says.

    Selection Criteria
    Design winners will be evaluated and selected based on the following criteria:

    Aesthetic: Is it rad? Is it sweet? Will people WANT to have it?  Does it embody the spirit of the CHIditarod?   You know… Chicago, winning, explosions, shenanigans, charity, covert ops, carts, mayhem, epic victory, glory, etc.

    Originality: How much does it stand out from previous years?  Has it been done before?  Does it ride the edge of carting art?
    Functionality: Does it work as a patch? Can we screen print it? Does it convey the message?


    If you have a question that is not addressed in these guidelines please email us at:





    chiditarod_2012_patch chiditarod_2011_patch chiditarod_2009_patch chiditarod_2008_patch chiditarod_2007_patch chiditarod_2006_patch