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CHIditarod Contests & Awards


    At CHIditarod, everyone is a winner!  You have braved the cold, you have created an amazing piece of art AND! doing it all while fighting hunger in Chicago.  We all like a healthy dose of competition, so we have created some areas for you to compete in.  There are race wide contests and checkpoint contests .

    For you n00bs out there, please note – not all racers run the same route or go to all of the checkpoints. There are still plenty of other ways to make a name for yourself and win some prizes or trophies! Please remember, Judges have the final say!

    2104 Race Wide Contests:

    Prepare yourself and get ready to strut your stuff to compete for awards.  Each checkpoint has several MASTER JUDGES, who will be watching out for your style, coolness, theme, bribes, sabotage and more.  The volunteer and Master Judges are the ones who weigh in on who wins  each of the prizes below. Please visit this web link for a list of all the race wide contests.

    2014 Checkpoint Specific Contests

    Each year checkpoints offer many fun contests, some are for the fame, some for the glory, but always for epic bragging rights.  With this post, you are given the opportunity to peruse what’s up at each of the checkpoints so you can get yourselves prepped and ready to BRING IT!

    In this post are not only the checkpoints but also their contests. Now don’t think you can be all clever and make a fake route map or something similar (that was already done in years previous), just because we are announcing the checkpoints does not mean we will be telling you your routes.  That still happens when you arrive at The Yard.

    Another noteworthy thing is that ALL racers must stay at their checkpoints for 25 minutes… we’ve extended the time so you can get that round of drinks AND participate in contests with a little more breathing room!


    The Yard  – aka The Starting Line of Chiditarod    1900 W. Hubbard

    Where the epic adventure begins!

    Registration, get your racer pack (check it out, good & important stuff inside!), noshing and booty shaking.  All your food is collected at the beginning of the day at The Yard at the starting line.  Remember, minimum 60 lbs to enter the race.

    • 12:30 pm The flags are lowered and the race begins!

    Phyllis’ Musical Inn – 1800 W. Division St   aka Mundus Absurdus – Phallus in Wonderland

    “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?”

    Contest: Wonderland Croquet – Balls & Phallets

    • Join Mundus Absurdus in a game of contrary Phallus in Wonderland Flamingo Croquet, where our Eat Me and Drink Me prizes could make you late for a very important date with your next Checkpoint.   We’re all mad here…….

    Club Foot – 1824 W. Augusta –  aka The Secret Gentleman’s Club

    Contest: Secret Gentlemen Baby Toss

    • Every Secret Gentlemen starts off as a secret baby, thrown about the world by the hand of fate. Join the ranks of the kingmakers and homewreckers and control the destiny of the youth of tomorrow. Will you send an orphan to the streets, or choke him with a silver spoon? [Warning: Flying Babies]

    Roots Pizza –   1924 W. Chicago Ave aka Walmart

    With all the box stores and huge chains like Walmart and Walgreens taking over the world, why not have one take over the Chiditarod? This year, Roots is becoming Wal-Cart, where the prices are as low and our mandated worker morale is high. There’ll be tons of challenges and events waiting to put a smile on your face here at Wal-Cart. Some of our competitors have some pretty crazy products like wallets full of human teeth (, Ladygirl fishing rods, Justin Beiber Dogtags (, Refridgerated Dog Bowls, and Texting inspired sneakers (

    Give us your best pitches in our “Spin the Marketer Contest”. See if you can convince us to stock your favorite items. If you’re more of a shopper than a seller, try your hand at “The Price is Walmart”, a contest to see if you can accurately predict the prices of some of our favorite items.  Lastly, if you’re looking for a job, try our “Shelf Stacker”, where you’ll be asked to stack items of our choosing as fast as you can. Welcome to Wal-Cart, your favorite corporate Checkpoint.

    Five Star – 1424 W. Chicago   aka The Fire Water Lounge

    Contest:  “Naughty” or Nice Gong Show

    • Racers get to participate in an old fashioned talent competition where they get to showcase their very best “naughty” or “nice” talents.  If you don’t have a talent draw from the naughty or nice hat. The legendary Five Star dance pole will be available to use.

    Nick’s Beer Garden – 1516 N. Milwaukee Ave aka Action-Squad HQ

    CHIditarod’s long time famous racers, Action-Squad have moved to the “dark-side” and are hosting a checkpoint this year.  They will be hosting a game show at their checkpoint! More specifically, the game Plinko. Slide a disc down the Plinko board into one of 5 marked slots. The team then performs the challenge in the slot. The following challenges will be included, but will not be limited to:

    1. The Newlywed Game: Two racers from a team are asked questions about each other. Team is graded on how many they get correct.

    2. Chicago/Chiditarod Trivia: Team is asked questions about Chicago or Chiditarod. Or both. Or maybe about thermodynamics if we feel like it.

    3. Scene From A Movie 2.0: Team is asked to perform a scene from a movie with a splash of silliness from us.

    4. Toilet Paper Plunger Challenge: Google it.

    5. Make Us Laugh: Team does just that- make us laugh. Could be a trick. A joke. Some sort of stupid human trick. Know your judge!

    Bucktown Pub – 1658 W. Cortland St  

    • No contest due to space limitations.

    Club Lucky – 1824 W. Wabansia Ave aka The Galaxy Cotton Club Carnival

    • Pin the Fedora on the Martian

    • Gangster Martianary (like pictionary, sort of)

    • Saturn Ring Toss (TBD, not confirmed)

    Emporium – 1366 N. Milwaukee aka The Chicago Nerd Social Club’s Star Wars Cantina

    Chicago Nerd Social Club will transform the Emporium Arcade Bar into the galaxy’s most “wretched hive of scum and villainy.” Racers will get a chance to rest and recharge among Imperials, smugglers and of course, rebel scum, while the original Star Wars trilogy plays on screen.  Also, contrary to popular opinion, Jedis do actually like to drink. We can’t predict what will happen if you give Jawas liquor though, so feed ’em at your own risk. Just remember: Always let the Wookie win.

    Contest: To pass the time, racers have a chance to show off their Jedi skills by tossing bean bags into the mouth of the Almighty Sarlac. At this checkpoint, these are definitely the droids you’re looking for.

    Lotties – 1925 W. Cortland St  aka The 1930’s Prohibition Pub   

    • Talent Show – Era points for 30’s themed things, barber shop quartet,  dance the Charleston…

    Dolphin – Finish Line 1375 W. Lake Street

    Take a load off, relax, the day is almost over.  Wait in anticipation with your teammates to see who won what awards/prizes (to be announced during the awards ceremony) from this EPIC, never to be forgotten day.   Food, drinks, photo booth, music and more awaits you!  5:45/6pm Award Ceremony.

    Here you have it Ladies and Gents, Contest Information: You can now invite your friends, co-workers, posse and parents to come cheer you on and participate in some of the fun at the checkpoints and during the race!