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Don’t Know What To Expect At Checkpoints?

    Hello CHIditarod N00bie, we’re glad you’re here! So, you’ve signed up your team, started constructing your cart, and are getting ready to race. You’ve heard all about these mystical checkpoints but don’t quite know what to expect? This video will give you an idea.

    Things To Note

    • There are activities and games at every checkpoint. Every checkpoint is different. Participate! It’s CHIditarod.
    • In order to check in at a bar, you need a token. Tokens can be retrieved from the “cart wranglers” (outdoor volunteers at each checkpoint) only if you have 3 members of your team whose wristbands correspond with your cart.
    • You have to stay at each checkpoint for 25 minutes. This is 5 minutes longer than last year. This will give you a chance to actually taste your  drink and maybe have a bite to eat.
    • In order to check out, you again need 3 members of your team.
    • You are responsible for keeping track of 25 minutes. You may ask for your card back only once before the 25 minutes is over. If you ask twice, the volunteers have been instructed to dock you time. Please be responsible and do not overwhelm the volunteers at checkout.
    • They are run by volunteers LOVE the volunteers. They work really hard all day to make CHIditarod happen. There’s nothing volunteers hate more than whiney racers. Volunteers might be sassy – it’s part of their charm.
    • Each checkpoint is an awesome party. Checkpoints are also competing with each other to give you the best experience at each bar. Your vote will be compiled via the racer survey after the event, so interact with the volunteers, play the games, and enjoy your time at each bar.
    • Please respect our partnerships with the checkpoint bars. These establishments are selling alcohol; do not flagrantly open your alcohol at any establishment. While shots and sealed alcohol are reasonable bribes, we value our partners and need you to respect their profitability. A portion of what you purchase at each bar will be donated back to the CHIditarod Foundation.