N00bie Checklist: Do’s & Don’ts of CHIditarod

Hello new racers! We’re excited for you to take part in CHIditarod. Make sure you go through the tabs to get a feel for what the race is all about.

[tab title=”Do’s & Don’ts”]
And last but not least, in non-scrolling static list fashion for those of you that’ve already begun drinking, ahem training:

– Pick a theme, get costumed up
– Review the prize list. Pick one or two you want to focus on winning
– Have fun no matter what. Know there will be sabotage, so take it in stride
– Prepare yourself by reading the most recent SABOTAGE REPORT
– Pack refreshments for your guard dog
– This is all for charity… and glory so bring your donation food.
– It’s an all weather event, be prepared. There’s no bad weather just poor wardrobe choices
– Race on the sidewalks
– You must have your photo ID
– Checkpoints are 25 minutes
– In true Chicago style, bribe the judges
– Tip bartenders
– Pose for pictures
– Drink lots of water
– Recycle
– Leave no trace
– Obey all laws
– Bring your food to the starting line
– Get creative. Pimp out your team and cart
– Listen to the bike marshals
– Take your cart home with you at the end
– Participate in contests
– Be nice to judges, they’re volunteers
– Have fun and help others have a good time too!


– Have a bad attitude
– Mess with the public
– Mess with the cops
– Be Belligerent
– Litter
– Urinate in public
– Get too drunk
– Wait ’til; the last minute to decorate your cart
– Use a U-lock or anything similar for sabotage
– Do anything hostile, bigoted, or violent. This makes other community members feel unwelcome.


[tab title=”Tao of CHIditarod”]