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Grant Awardee Spotlight: Community Dinners

    Image courtesy of Wheat Ridge Ministries website

    Community Dinners is an organization with a new and inventive way of dealing with hunger, changing neighborhoods, and uniting a local community. Located in Logan Square, a neighborhood where there is a sea of change being experienced. Coffee roasters are taking the place of liquor stores and upscale bistros are taking the place of taquerias.

    Community Dinners describes the changes happening to the neighborhood as, “an exciting, heady time for the young, the wealthy and the upwardly mobile. This is a frightening time for the old, the poor and families that have made Logan Square their home for decades. Families that have made Logan Square their home for generations successfully are now finding it difficult to make ends meet.”

    Community Dinners strives to give all of their neighbors, the affluent, poor, educated, illiterate, disabled and healthy a place to eat together. Meals are served family style and everyone chips in. The community comes together to feed each other and share. Some individuals are on a fixed income, but make meals for the program because they want to give back to their community. Their goal is to connect people from different segments of the Logan Square population.

    Community Dinners was borne of a direct need due to the closing of Humboldt Park United Methodist’s shelter and meal program. The Grant received from the CHIditarod Foundation, will help individuals and families who relied on the program as well as help serve 2,250 meals to the neighbors of Logan Square. Community Dinners also packed and brought 150 meals to the homebound last year.

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