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CHIditarod Foundation Seeks Board Members

    The CHIditarod Foundation is seeking to add members to its Board of Directors. Read on for more details and instructions for how to apply.

    About the CHIditarod Foundation

    We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Chicago, IL, that hosts large events to promote community and creativity. Our work aims to provide Chicago residents with an outlet for artistic self-expression, impetus to build new social connections, and reliable channels for funneling their human, cultural, and financial resources towards the alleviation of food insecurity in our neighborhoods.

    What we do

    The CHIditarod Foundation operates two major programs. The first and oldest is the annual CHIditarod, a costumed shopping cart race that takes participants through the Wicker Park, Bucktown, and Ukrainian Village neighborhoods to raise food and funds against hunger in the greater Chicagoland area. This event raises thousands of pounds of food and tens of thousands of dollars annually.

    Second, the CHIditarod runs an annual grant program, which provides local community organizations with the funding they need to tackle hunger and food insecurity directly. These funds are directed towards agencies who are seeding new programs, funding existing time-tested programs; developing innovative responses to hunger or food insecurity; or are working to fill the gaps in our current welfare services and social safety nets.

    Board responsibilities

    • To be thoughtful and responsible stewards of the financial resources trusted to us by our donors.
    • To critically reflect on the impact that the CHIditarod Foundation can have, on the impact the CHIditarod Foundation has currently, and what role the organization is best suited for in the fight against food insecurity in and around Chicago.
    • To make final decisions on policies related to the CHIditarod mission, programs, finances, personnel, and public relations.
    • To provide leadership and expertise to the rest of the board as well as the CHIditarod core event organizers throughout the year.
    • To act as an informal (and occasionally formal) ambassador and spokesperson for the organization.
    • To participate in CHIditarod programming and fundraising throughout the year.
    • To strive to maintain a mutually respectful and inclusive environment in all CHIditarod-related activities.
    • To maintain the confidentiality of our donors, applicants, grantees, volunteers and other participants in CHIditarod programming.

    What skills are we looking for?

    If you possess any of the following skills or characteristics, you are probably the person we are looking for:

    • Fundraising
    • Event planning
    • Project management
    • Volunteer management
    • Press relations / Social Media experience
    • Working with municipalities and/or elected officials
    • Press relations
    • Donor relations
    • Non-profit work
    • Social justice work
    • Legal experience
    • Creativity
    • Dedication
    • Follow-through
    • A desire to learn

    Time commitment

    The board of the CHIditarod Foundation holds monthly meetings for which all members must be present, either in person or via telecommunication.

    The workload fluctuates during the year, typically peaking in winter as we prepare for the annual CHIditarod race and in the late summer when our grant program is underway.

    Different board members focus their attention of different events throughout the year, according to their interests and availability. Your mileage may vary.


    The CHIditarod Foundation offers no financial or material compensation to its board members.

    Do you have Directors & Officers insurance?


    How to Apply

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