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Grant Awardee Spotlight: Chicago Lights

    Chicago Lights
    One of our grant recipients for our 2015 cycle is Chicago Lights. This organization’s mission is to provide hope and opportunity to our city’s children, youth, and adults who face the challenges of poverty. Chicago Lights uses supportive relationships and diverse programs to empower people to thrive academically, secure economic stability, lead healthy lives, and build community.

    Chicago Lights supports education for children and youth through programs like tutoring, Summer Day, Free Write Jail Arts, CLASS, the Urban Farm, and also offers broader support services for all ages through the Urban Farm and Elam Davies Social Service Center.

    Their grant application sought funds to further Chicago Lights’ ability to provide high quality, protein-rich foods through its Consumer Choice Food Pantry at the Elam Davies Social Service Center. Their food pantry uses produce from their community garden, but wanted to be able to offer more protein to their clients. The grant money given to Chicago Lights, will make sure that they are able to stock milk, eggs, and meat to those in need. They will also be able to have emergency food sacks available to those who are hungry, providing a sandwich, granola bar, and a piece of fruit.

    Chicago Lights impacts 4,000 people annually. This grant allows for 800 additional pounds of fresh, protein-rich foods for patrons of their Food Pantry. The monies will also provide an additional 500 emergency meals to people who visit Chicago Lights’ Elam Davies Social Service Center located in the Fourth Presbyterian Church on Michigan Ave.

    For more information on Chicago Light’s and their causes visit