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The 2016 Sabotage Report is Here!

    cart-robot-graph-pointAttention! Attention! Calling all Racers!

    Each year we put on our thinking caps and engage in perilous deeds–one part math, one part magicky-magic–to assess the state of mayhem in the CHIditarod kingdom.

    More than 30% of racers in the 2016 CHIditarod race participated in a post-race survey designed to assess racer satisfaction, patterns in cocktail preferences, and what kinds of sabotage and other dastardly shenanigans went down on the mean streets of Wicker Park/Ukrainian Village that chilly day in March.

    In 2016…

    • Nearly 60% of our racers were CHIditarod veterans.
    • The average age of our racers remained constant at 32. Our anti-aging regimen is just stellar. Feel how soft our skin is!
    • For the first time, we had slightly more male-identified than female-identified participants.
    • Cart bondage kept it’s title as “Most Popular Form of Sabotage.” Creative/Happy sabotage–in the form of errant stickers, free booze, and stencils of David Bowie–came in strong in second place.
    • A new form of sabotage emerged, which we have called Creative Stalling. In short, be aware that your competitors may try to slow you down by engaging in a musical review in front of your cart or inviting you into a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. STAY SHARP!

    You can read the full 2016 Sabotage Report here!

    Also, it’s a good idea to review our Sabotage Rules before the race.