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2019 Results

    CHIditarod XIV

    19,719.5 Pounds of Food Collected
    18,847.5 Meals for the Hungry
    More than $72,000 Raised to Fight Hunger in Chicago

    Nearly a thousand festive humans gathered on March 2, 2019 to create the annual spectacularly-festive, extraordinarily-costumed, epically-mobile food drive and charity shopping cart race — CHIditarod XIV.  The needle never climbed above freezing on Chicago’s near West side as 245 volunteers and 96 teams of 5 costumed and thoroughly excited humans ran tricked-out shopping carts through 5 themed neighborhood checkpoints in the name of charity, prizes, and glory. Not since CHIditarod XIII has there been such a record-breaking spectacle of chaos in pursuit of feeding the hungry.

    The annual philanthropic spectacle raced through Chicago’s West Town neighborhoods, with each team visiting five checkpoints each. Five Star, Mahoney’s, Phyllis’s Musical Inn, and Roots Handmade Pizza returned as crowd favorites, and we welcomed newcomer Output Lounge to the race.  Each checkpoint hosted our costumed superstars with immersive themes, contests, and interactive opportunities. Our friends at Cobra Lounge graciously stepped up to host the Starting and Finish Lines. All bars have generously agreed to donate a portion of their proceeds to The CHIditarod Foundation to aid in our epic mission of fighting hunger in Chicago.

    The Food Drive

    CHIditarod gleefully calls itself “probably the world’s largest mobile food drive”, and we could not be more impressed by this year’s food drive success. With the help of our friends at the Greater Chicago Food Depository, the CHIditarod XIV food drive collected enough food and funds to provide 18,847.5 meals for Chicago’s hungry. Thank you CHIditarod participants for being amazing all-stars and for making a difference in the lives of many, many people.

    Food Drive Champions:

    Chweethearts truly put their hearts into the cause that started CHIditarod. This team brought in 2,226.80 pounds of food to give 1,856 meals to those in need.

    An enormous THANK YOU to everyone for such strong participation in our annual food drive. You help us make sure no Chicagoan goes hungry.

    2nd Place Food Drive:

    CHIvengers were our second most food drive-driven team, bringing in 2,072.80 pounds of food, equivalent to 1,381 meals!

    In a very close tie for third place was Cartastrophe with 1,457.30 and Chicago United Riders CHIditarod ROOKIES with an amazing 1,413.60.

    The Art Carts

    Everyone loves big, over the top carts brimming with art and interactivity. 2019’s carts were diverse in experience, execution, and humor. Longstanding crowd favorites HoboQ went Greek this year, making sure everyone enjoyed delectable snacks, music, and of course, fire.

    Art Cart Champions: The Circus Jerks

    The Circus Jerks, produced by Chicago’s very own Secret Gentleman’s Club, brought a 4 car circus train to CHIditarod. Exceeding 25 feet in length, it begins with a massive pink elephant (immediately followed by a poop attendant), then a gypsy hut complete with smoking chimney, an exotic animal cage featured lions, monkeys, the world’s strongest man, refreshment server, a super happy clown, and the ringleader himself.

    2nd Place Art Cart: Show Me Your Beads

    Epic Fundraising

    Fundraising is the powerful force behind the CHIditarod Foundation’s hunger-fighting grant program, providing a total of $592,350 in grants to Chicagoland nonprofits who share in our mission to end hunger in Chicago. This year alone, our racers, volunteers, checkpoints, and organizers — with the help of their families, friends, and communities — raised more than $72,000 in support of this community grants program, more than ever before.

    Our grant program will once again be able to support community-centered initiatives that address hunger, food scarcity, and education via the CHIditarod Grant Program.

    Fundraising Champions:

    Once again 3GS&T were crowned glorious fundraising champions. For the fourth year in a row they smashed the prior year’s donation record, raising a jaw-dropping $11,299.02. 3GS&T also took home the Spirit of CHIditarod prize for truly embodying everything this charity stands for. Not only do they crush fundraising records year after year, they continue their philanthropic hunger-fighting efforts by volunteering at the Greater Chicago Food Depository on a bi-monthly basis, and taking it upon themselves to work with other 2019 teams to throw an all-team fundraiser prior to race day. Truly inspiring.

    2nd Place Fundraising:
    Nomeward Bound

    In 2019, adding to the intensity of the race to the most money raised, 3GS&T was hotly chased by a team they no longer consider a rival, but call their frivals (yes that’s friends and rivals combined) — Nomeward Bound.

    In an epic fundraising battle that had fans and CHIditarod Coreganizers alike watching teams jump in and out of first place, 3GS&T finally overtook Nomeward Bound, who finished second with a total $10,595.01.

    Nomeward Bound was truly inspiring.

    3rd Place Fundraising:

    Insanely close to second place — with a total of $10,003.98 — was is a team that began fundraising strong right from the start. We are thrilled to have more teams jump into the fundraising battle and we deeply appreciate them – and everyone who contributed – for enabling our foundation to make a greater impact in 2019 than ever before.

    4th Place Fundraising:

    Another team that keeps amazing us year after year, CHIdiots continues making lasting impacts with $6,826.48 raised in 2019. The funds raised by the CHIdiots funds alone will fulfill more than one entire CHIditarod grant, which can help keep small organizations going all year long.

    Learn about the power the CHIditarod Grant Program.


    While CHIditarod racers do wondrous things, none of this would be possible without the 245 brave and selfless volunteers that made CHIditarod XIV happen. Volunteers are truly the MVPs of CHIditarod.

    Not only do many of them fundraise, they also build the starting and finish lines, braving the (often extreme) cold, create immersive and exciting environments at our awesome checkpoints, keep you safe while mobile, and give countless hours Coreganizing CHIditarod. To our volunteers, we honor and salute you all. You are truly our heroes.

    Thank You Thank You Thank You!

    More Awesome Teams!

    Best Cart Build:

    Doors open on the left at CHIditarod. Starting with a full size CTA train car and realizing it need to be slightly scaled back did not take anything away from this build. Complete with the automated voice telling you which stop was next and full uniform CTA workers (on break), this build was impressive, detailed, and obnoxiously heavy.

    Super Bonus Challenge:
    Running of the Bison(tennial)

    We threw out a new challenge for the otherwise uninspired, and this team took it to the fullest extent. Our 2019 Super Bonus Challenge winner had to incorporate 3 supposedly unrelated themes into a semi-cohesive package — (1) Hedgehogs, (2) Illinois’ 200th Birthday, and (3) The Blues. The Running of the Bison(tennial) even topped it off with blue Malört cupcakes for all to celebrate.

    Most Engaging Cart:
    Y2Kweer Mishap

    Perhaps you partied with them like it was 1999, or shared in some Y2K panic, or just toasted a midnight ball drop countdown. With an epic build and a full news crew capturing every second of a year that will never be forgotten, Y2Kweer Mishap shared happy new year vibes with everyone they encountered.

    Rookie of the Year:
    Chicago United Riders

    Joining CHIditarod for the first time, this team outfitted themselves head-to-toe in racing leathers, tricked out their cart as a full sport bike (complete with wheelie), brought great bribes, and even had a few dance moves. They even raised more than 1,400 pounds of food, crushing hunger in a huge way. Way to show that CHIDitarod virgins can have all the right moves.

    Legend Award: Environmental Encroachment

    This year we also awarded a very, very special Legend Award to CHIditarod favorites — Environmental Encroachment. Environmental Encroachment (or EE) has been with CHIditarod since the very beginning, dating all the way back to 2006. This booming brass band born from Chicago’s underground art scene donates their time and skills every year to CHIditarod’s starting line. We honor and salute EE for sharing their funk and flair with all of us, and you, year after year. You are CHIditarod.

    There are so many winners at CHIditarod; see below for all the fun numbers.

    Team NumberTeam NamePrize
    1013GS&T 13th Ed.Fundraising CHAMPIONS
    Spirit of Chiditarod
    103Chidiots4th Place Fundraising
    105Action-SquadBest Cart Build
    107ZZ Top GunBest Social Media Photo posted during event
    108Y2Kweer MishapMost Engaging/Interactive Cart
    2nd Best in Show
    112Nomeward Bound #12nd Place Fundraising
    113Nomeward Bound #2Best Bribe: Rockem Sockem Containers filled with goodies, little toys and customized for each checkpoint.
    115ChiditaHandshake3rd Place Fundraising
    125Circus JerksBest Art Cart
    127Running of the Bison(tennial)Super Bonus Challenge
    3rd Best in Show
    128The Chivengers2nd Place Food Drive
    Best Team Costume
    133Show me your beads please – Part 32nd Place Art Cart
    137Hot Mess Time MachineWTF Award
    139Cartastrophe (1 of 2)3rd Place Food Drive
    Best In Show
    143ChweetheartsFood Drive CHAMPIONS
    149The Rural JurorsRacing CHAMPIONS!
    155ChiditaBROADSRookie of the Year: Honorable Mention
    157Wigs Jacked for JesusBike Marshals Choice
    168Ray’s Tiki Bar3rd Place Racing
    184Chicago United Riders4th Place Food Drive
    Rookie of the Year
    188Trip Deuce Niner2nd Place Racing
    191The ProctologistsWTF award
    Environmental EncroachmentLegand Award
    Team NameAmount
    3GS&T 13th Ed$ 11,404.22
    Nomeward Bound #1$ 11,358.01
    ChiditaHandshake$ 10,056.58
    The Chidiots$ 6,826.48
    COREGANIZERS$ 5,277.52
    ChicaGOGO Girls!$ 3,585.22
    There’s always money in the banana stand$ 3,425.71
    Circus Jerks$ 3,111.39
    Laundry Day!$ 1,856.84
    McFly and the Doc’s$ 1,775.65
    Coffee Talk with Linda Richman$ 1,758.78
    Cartastrophe (1 of 2)$ 1,191.74
    Show me your beads please – Part 1$ 1,157.20
    Five Star Bar Checkpoint$ 990.98
    Bikepocalypse$ 932.34
    5 Angry Teachers$ 836.87
    The (Data) Pirates$ 803.31
    Action-Squad$ 673.28
    Kool Kids on the Block$ 631.20
    Running of the Bison(tennial)$ 613.29
    Insurance Adjusters$ 604.90
    Wigs Jacked for Jesus$ 602.36
    Queer Mishap$ 575.30
    6 Pack Attack$ 527.10
    Tim Burton Snowboard Team$ 484.32
    UNKNOWN$ 405.02
    You Can’t Ketchup$ 337.73
    The Chivengers$ 289.30
    Morningwood High Class of ’89 Senior Prom$ 263.00
    The Velour Comets$ 215.66
    Purple Krewe$ 209.10
    Blue Wave$ 199.88
    DandyLions$ 140.72
    The I Don’t Care Bears$ 105.20
    What About Bob$ 105.20
    Patrick’s Pekingese Power Posse$ 52.60
    Team NumberTeam NamePounds CollectedPounds + Extra Poundage from $ donated
    128The Chivengers2,072.802,072.80
    139Cartastrophe (1 of 2)1,444.801,457.30
    184Chicago United Riders1,413.601,413.60
    125Circus Jerks569.80582.30
    157Wigs Jacked for Jesus408.00408.00
    109Hobo-Q XII – Kebabing along380.00392.50
    148Team formerly known as 2016 fastest cart373.40385.90
    133Show me your beads please351.00351.00
    159crash cart dummies249.60262.10
    107ZZ Top Gun245.20257.70
    142BaltOve’s Babes243.00255.50
    108Y2Kweer Mishap226.00238.50
    121I forgot to feed my tamagachi188.00213.00
    120Coffee Talk with Linda Richman189.60202.10
    1013GS&T 13th Ed.195.40195.40
    123Morningwood High Prom Team 1173.90186.40
    124Morningwood High Prom Team 2173.90186.40
    195The cooter lounge160.60183.10
    1195 Rabbit181.90181.90
    1146 Pack Attack159.70172.20
    158Chicago Parking Meters LLC151.20163.70
    1695 Angry Teachers147.60160.10
    117Purple Krewe144.20156.70
    185SCOOB AND THE GANG142.60155.10
    145Sara Paras153.10153.10
    150Everyone Has Cholera146.80146.80
    110Initech Racing Division127.50140.00
    176Ice Cream Nips137.20137.20
    179The Gang Does Chiditarod122.70135.20
    162You Can’t Ketchup133.70133.70
    189Team Tock116.20128.70
    104Chidiots Gold108.00120.50
    137Hot Mess Time Machine107.20119.70
    198Doing it Wright106.10118.60
    160Bad Humor117.50117.50
    154Patrick’s Pekingese Power Posse104.70117.20
    138Please Let This Be a Normal Field Trip113.70113.70
    177Lucky Charmers113.60113.60
    166PIAT GAF113.40113.40
    170Dissension in the ranks100.60113.10
    116Never Nude100.20112.70
    111The (Data) Pirates100.20112.70
    172The Great Chicago Cart Off99.80112.30
    173Blue Wave98.20110.70
    191The Proctologists106.10106.10
    152ChicaGogo Girls91.40105.40
    165The I Don’t Care Bears92.80105.30
    112Nomeward Bound104.70104.70
    197Chi Titty Rod91.00103.50
    141Oregon Or Bust103.20103.20
    186The Mighty Drunks89.00101.50
    126Tim Burton Snowboard Team87.60100.10
    127Running of the Bison(tennial)99.0099.00
    129There’s always money in the banana stand85.0097.50
    149The Rural Jurors97.0097.00
    171Mushers of Catan84.3096.80
    190The Velour Comets83.4095.90
    144Loteria Gurus83.2095.70
    118Still brainstorming95.4095.40
    130The Illustrious Rick Moranis82.2094.70
    180YOLO RATTs82.2094.70
    164McFly and the Doc’s80.8093.30
    192Meddling Kids93.0093.00
    102Lincoln Towing91.70
    168Ray’s Tiki Bar79.0091.50
    175The Beachstie Boys90.2090.20
    106CHIdream Team90.0090.00
    188Trip Deuce Niner89.9089.90
    174Kool Kids on the Block89.4089.40
    193Bison Blue Balls76.6089.10
    132Ack! Ack! Ack!88.7088.70
    194Unforgettable Luncheon75.0087.50
    167Dandy Lions87.4087.40
    187The Blue Team85.7085.70
    156Great Balls of Fyre75.0075.00
    183Priceline Negotiators62.5075.00