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Stay healthy during CHIditarod XV

    CHIditarod XV is almost here! As we approach race day we just want to send a small PSA. The flu this year is hitting harder than ever, and there is also international worry about the Coronavirus. We hate to plague you, however we would like to remind everyone to:

    1. Wash your hands! We are all friends. We hug those we haven’t seen since last year, exchange high fives, and much more. Washing your hands is the easiest way to keep from spreading the germs. Also, cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough.
    2. B.Y.O. includes bringing your own cup! Hey we all love to share beverages, but everyone’s mouth on the same bottle also mean spreading anything from the common cold to the flu. Bring a your own cup, it’s easier to toast and say CHEERS!
    3. Think of those around you! Yes we are all one happy family. We all also know how awful it can be to be ill. Making fun of vomiting, dehydration, or things like the Coronavirus — which is currently affecting +50,000 people worldwide — is not cool. Furthermore, nearly 8x as many people have died from seasonal flu in the U.S. in this year alone. Be mindful of the world and people around us. We live in a very diverse city and have press, photographers, and visitors from out of town. 
    4. There is no bad weather, just poor wardrobe choices. Layer up! Yes, sickness is caused from germs, but if you’re taking care of your body temperature, it lets your body work on more important matters (like sabotage). Remember, it’s always easier to take a layer off and stash in your cart, than wish you had brought something extra. 
    5. We love you all. MUSH in good health!