Art Carts


Art Carts

An Art Cart is a unique creation that is radically stunning and heavily modified from it’s original cart form, (usually) permanently. Art carts embody the creative spirit of their creators and the CHIditarod, and stretch the limits of cart-based art in dynamic, engaging, and safe ways.

Art Carts were introduced to CHIditarod in 2010.  Racing as an “Art Cart” is a more “free form” category for those teams wanting to stretch their creative muscles outside the parameters of racing. Some examples would be really big wheels, grill/food carts that don’t want to run everywhere, a multi-franken-cart mechanical extravaganza, etc. There are some differences between what’s allowed for Art Carts and regular shopping carts in the CHIditarod, so be sure to read The Rules in full before deciding if your team wants to do an Art Cart.

Check out the pictures below for some incredible examples.