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CHIditarod xvii

Blockditarod Edition

Saturday March 5, 2022

Imagine the epic CHIditarod you know and love. Costumed revelers expertly piloting their decorated shopping carts on a cold Chicago morning in the name of charity, chaos, and glory in a raucous scene that is often imitated but never equaled. Picture yourself at the legendary starting line Yard, with teams and carts full of energy and excitement building towards the launch of the annual CHIditarod race.

Except… this year there is no race. And no checkpoints. And everyone is fully vaccinated. The barricades never move and the Yard party keeps on rockin’ all day with music, art cart installations, and a talent show beauty pageant grand spectacle gong show that you, your cart, and your team can participate in.

CHIditarod XVII presents Blockditarod 2022, Sat Mar 5th on Fulton Street.