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The Core Organizers (get it?) behind CHIditarod. A group 15 years in the making, more family then friends, definitely troublemakers (always with good intentions) who rock out producing CHIditarod.

Interested in joining the board or becoming a Coregie? Volunteer Today!

Meet the Coregies

Photo of Devin Breen

Devin Breen

Co-Founder, Foundation 
Board President

Photo of Liz and Sebastian Breen

Liz Breen

Co-Founder, Boss Judge


Board Member, Community Outreach, Donation Lead, Media

Photo of Leslie Engel

Leslie Engel

Board Member, Classy Platform Lead, Legendary Master Judge, Fundraising and Incentives Lead

Andy Scarpelli

Resident Andy,
Checkpoint wrangler

Photo of Frankie Frank

Frankie Frank

Co-Registration Princess,
Cart Vixen


Overall Support

Steven Lane

Bike Marshal Lead,
Web & Video Design

Glenna Mowry


Justin Goh

Official CHIditarod
Photo Slut

Dimitri Acosta

Artistic Director


Web and Dev Pirate,
Merch Man

Marco Galvan



Breakfast King

Steven Breen

Long Running Breakfast Commander

Hall of Fame

Jen Carrol

Board Secretary,
Stats Wizard, Survey Support and Analysis, Grants

Mark Grutza

Board Member,
Board Treasurer

Christine Rosa

Merch Queen

Meagan Mueller

PR Pimptress

Diane Back

Former Logistician, Current Catalyst

Charis Rose

Breakfast Boss

Jake Reimer

Mad Scientist


Infrastructure Captain


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