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CHIditarod stands out as a unique blend of imagination and goodwill. The event’s backbone, the Coreganizers, function more like a family than a mere group of collaborators, united by their creative flair and dedication to problem-solving. These organizers don the quirkiest of costumes, embodying their dynamic spirits, and tackle the logistical challenges of staging this Chicago event with humor and skill.

Their tasks range widely, covering everything from race readiness to the post-event celebrations. It’s a massive collaborative effort to host not just a competition but a vibrant community event.

Beneath their festive guise, the Coreganizers are deeply invested in their mission. CHIditarod goes beyond entertainment; it’s a substantial food drive and fundraiser, casting a beacon of hope into the city’s heart. While participants may indulge in spirited fun, the orchestrators harness this energy to combat hunger and fulfill community needs.

As carts roll and laughter permeates the air, the Coreganizers observe with a sense of accomplishment, having turned the cityscape into a platform for advocacy and connection. And as one CHIditarod concludes, they’re already envisioning the next big escapade, ever the inventive kin, at the very soul of the event.

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Meet the Coregies

Photo of Devin Breen

Devin Breen

Co-Founder, Foundation 
Board President

Photo of Liz and Sebastian Breen

Liz Breen

Co-Founder, Boss Judge

Photo of Leslie Engel

Leslie Engel

Board Member, Classy Platform Lead, Legendary Master Judge, Fundraising and Incentives Lead

Craig Steuer

Yard Dawg Lead

Andy Scarpelli

Resident Andy,
Checkpoint wrangler

Photo of Frankie Frank

Frankie Frank

Co-Registration Princess,
Cart Vixen


Overall Support

Steven Lane

Bike Marshal Lead,
Web & Video Design


Breakfast King

Justin Goh

Official CHIditarod
Photo Slut

Dimitri Acosta

Artistic Director


Web and Dev Pirate,
Merch Man

Hall of Fame


Board Member,
Media & City Liason

Mark Grutza

Board Member,
Board Treasurer

Christine Rosa

Merch Queen

Meagan Mueller

PR Pimptress

Jen Carrol

Board Secretary,
Stats Wizard, Survey Support and Analysis, Grants

Charis Rose

Breakfast Boss

Diane Back

Former Logistician, Current Catalyst

Steven Breen

Retired Breakfast Commander

Jake Reimer

Mad Scientist


Infrastructure Captain

Glenna Mowry


Marco Galvan

Beloved Gopher


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