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Film Challenge 2021 Awards

Without the ability to dress up and gather to race shopping carts, a film contest seemed like the perfect way to keep the spirit of CHIditarod alive. Our community delivered in a big way, and it was an absolute joy to watch the submissions, thank you! Now, without further ado, here are the winners of the first ever CHIditarod Film Challenge.

Best Drama

Bureaucratic Avalanche: The RPS Journey
by Nomeward Bound

Best Comedy

Cartastrophe Cart Surfing
by Cartastrophe

Best Costume

Cartastrophe Cart Surfing
by Cartastrophe

Best Choreography

3GST FilmFest
by 3GS&T

Best Cinematography

by K&K

Best Checkpoint Awards

Phyllis’ Musical Inn

The M. Night Shyamalan Sixth Sense Award
Chidiots Made a Movie
by Chidiots

Five Star Bar

Best Foreign Film
Hello From Scotland
by Hello From Scotland

Roots Pizza

The Greatest Hits Award
by The Secret Gentlemen’s Club

Output Lounge

The Al Yankovic Award for Best Song
Owner of a Lonely Cart
by Mundus Absurdus

Irish Nobleman

Best Sound Design
by K&K

Best Documentary

Drunk Cart-story
by 6-Pack Attack

Best Use of Cart

ChiditaHAWKS 2021
by ChiditaHAWKS

Best in Show

Drunk Cart-story
by 6-Pack Attack



Despite the pandemic and lack of race, the ChiditaHAWKS went ahead and did exactly what they would have done for race day: built a cart, put on costumes, created a single-team race through the streets of Chicago, deployed actual mushing dogs (who were not harmed in the making of the film), and raised over 500 lbs of food and over $5,000 for the Chiditarod Foundation, and had a lot of fun doing it. In just their fourth year, this Art Cart team proved that nothing will get in their way when it comes to solving food insecurity in Chicago.