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Food Donation Info

Food Donation Info

All the details you could want and then some extra incentives to top it all off with! As in the past handful of years, we are partnering up with the Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD). They do a ton of good for Chicagoans in need of food and we in turn want to make it easier for you to do good by them. GCFD_Logo_Primary_1_cropped

Food Required

Each year we up the amount of food teams bring on race day.  This year, we’re requiring 69 lbs of food. Step it up, y’all! We know you can.

GCFD Pre-Race Food Drop Off

If you have 300lbs of food or more (equivalent to 2 shopping carts full of canned food), you may make arrangements to drop off your donation before race day at the Greater Chicago Food Depository. They will be hosting dates and times the week of the race. Email for more information.

    • Must reference your team name/# to have the total included with your pre-registration check-in materials and add to any amount you bring the day of the race.
    • Minimum 300 lbs of food.
  • Location is 4100 West Ann Lurie – head to the Agency Mart on the South Keller side of the building (near 55/Pulaski exit).

What to donate?

Wondering what you should or should not include with your food donations?

What to bring (YES!):

  • Labeled, non-expired, and nutritious items that are shelf stable and non-perishable
  • Canned fruits, vegetables, soups/stews/chili or tuna
  • Cereals
  • Dried beans
  • Grains, pasta, macaroni and cheese
  • Peanut butter and jelly (in non-glass jars)
  • Shelf- stable milk

What not to bring (NO). 

  • Nothing in glass jars
  • Unhealthy food products such as candy and cookies, ice cream, or chips
  • Perishable items, like fresh fruits, vegetables, or baked goods

Race Day Food Drop Off

When you arrive for the race, you must first head to the Pre-Registration Tent, where you will be given a ticket. Proceed with this ticket, along with all of your food items to be donated (minimum 69 lbs), to the GCFD tents. There will be several stations set up and ready to receive your food, volunteers will weigh the food and transcribe total weights per team.

If you are short in the weight of your food (this applies to both art carts & racer teams), you will be fined, and asked nicely to get additional food to meet the requirement and get back in line. We take our food drives seriously, and remember when registering you agreed to bring at least 69 lbs per cart?