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CHIditarod 2021: The Pandemic Edition

2021 CHIditarod Season Recap

Film Challenge

We really missed dressing up and gathering to race carts this year, but our Film Challenge videos gave us a sweet taste of the Spirit of CHIditarod.

GCFD Takeover

The Greater Chicago Food Depository normally comes to the start of the race to collect food donations, this year we brought the party to GCFD.

Telethon & Awards

Our live stream featured Film Challenge videos, award winners, and the amazing work made possible by CHIditarod Foundation grants!

2021 Fundraising Total

$123,812 / 120,000

Top Fundraising Teams

Nomeward Bound $37,937
Coreganizers! $17,423
3GS&T 15th Ed. $14,004
Salesforce Chicago Trailblazers $7,655
Chidiots $6,966

Top Fundraisers

Jenna Stworzyjanek $12,057
Marty Crenlon $11,994
Alixa Sharkey $8,069
Devin Breen $7,912
Leslie Engel $4,970

Fundraising for CHIditarod Foundation

Food insecurity is up 24% in Chicago since the start of the pandemic, with Black and Latino households especially those with children disproportionately affected. The CHIditarod Foundation seeks to alleviate hunger and solve the root causes of hunger through creativity, engagement and direct action. This event will raise funds safely and remotely, and help provide grants to local, small 501(c)(3) organizations that share our hunger-fighting mission.