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Fundraising 2020

Solve Hunger & Power your Local Community!

Fundraising for CHIditarod is one of the most powerful ways you can participate with us in our fight to end hunger in the Chicagoland area. Since inception our CHIditarod Foundation 501(c)(3) has granted $592,350 to Chicago-area nonprofits combatting hunger and food scarcity. To learn what this is all about, and why it rocks, check out the CHIditarod Foundation page.

Why create a fundraising page?
Creating a fundraising page makes it super easy to fundraise for CHIditarod XIX. Most importantly, you are helping us deliver grassroots grants to awesome nonprofits. Second-most-importantly, prizes and prestige; the more you raise, the more awesome the swag and incentives become.

Who needs fundraising pages?
Any entity that wants to raise money needs one – whether you are on a Racing Team, Art Cart Team, fundraising individually, or as a squadron (checkpoint crews, volunteers, spectators, etc), you need at least one fundraising page for donations to be accepted.

What if I’m part of Multi-Cart Mayhem?
Fundraising will now be calculated on a per-team basis. Teams can no longer register two carts on the same theme and combine all Fundraising dollars under one cart. Again, “One Team = One Cart, Five Racers”.


  • Team Alpha raises $5,000 on Team A’s page
  • Team Beta1 and Team Beta2 raise $5,000 on Team Beta1’s page
  • The winner is Team Alpha, because they have only 5 Racers ($1,000/Racer) and Team Beta has 10 Racers ($500/Racer)

But also keep in mind…

  • Multi-Cart Mayhem is a Judged prize – it is based on how a collective of Carts on a single theme perform on Race Day.
  • Fundraising is a Numerical prize – it is based on how much money an individual Cart, a Team of 5 people, are able to raise before the designated cut off time (which is usually 5pm on Race Day).
  • Multi-Cart Mayhem has nothing to do with Fundraising. You can win both the MCM prize *and* a Top Fundraising Award.
  • The difference is that you have 10 or 15 people who are working together for MCM, and just 5 people per Team who are competing for Fundraising. In fact, if you wanna make this really fun, be an MCM group who competes cart-to-cart!

Now that we’ve worked that out, let’s get started…

I’m the Team Captain
  1. Once you complete your team registration in dogtag, your Fundraising Team will automatically be created in Classy. This information will be sent to your email address
  2. In addition, the email will contain a link to instructions for how you and your teammates can set up your Personal Fundraising Pages, which will roll up into the Team Fundraising page
  3. This link can be used to guide you through customization (just skip over the first part talking about how to “create a page” since yours was already created) customize your page

I’m a member of a Team (but not the captain)
  1. Once your team captain completes your team registration in dogtag, a Fundraising Team will automatically be created in Classy. This info will be emailed to your team captain, so ask them for the information and URLs.
  2. On your team’s fundraising page, click the big “Join Team” button on the lefthand side. This will prompt you to create a Personal Fundraising Page which will then be linked to your team automatically. You can customize your personal page.
  3. This link can be used to guide you through customization (just skip over the first part talking about how to “create a page” since yours was already created) customize your page

What if my Team Page isn’t created yet?
  1. That’s okay – personal pages can be created first.
  2. Once the entire team is registered, Classy will create the Fundraising Team and notify the Team Captain.
  3. Each team member then needs to join, using the “Join Team” button (left side of personal page) to connect their personal page to the team page
  4. Once your team page is linked to all of the personal pages, you will be able to see both individual and team fundraising totals
No, I’m not racing but I want to fundraise

It’s very easy to set up your fundraising pages!

Create a Personal Page

  1. Creating a Personal Fundraising Page is the same as setting up a Checkpoint Team – just be sure to select the button for “As an Individual” on the Start Fundraising popup.
  2. For more details and steps, check out this set of instructions.
  3. Your Personal Page is where people donate.
  4. If you are later invited to join a Fundraising Team or Checkpoint Team, you can connect your Personal Page to the Team (see “Join a Fundraising Team instructions, below)

Create a Fundraising Team or Checkpoint Fundraising Team

  1. After you create a Personal Page you can optionally create a Fundraising Team. Other people can then join your team and fundraise together.
  2. Make sure that team members join the team page so that you can see your individual and team totals.
  3. Instructions, found here, are the same for a Checkpoint Fundraising Team or any other non-Racing Fundraising Team
  4. Be sure to share the link to your team page with anyone you want to join your team or donate!

Join a Fundraising Team or Checkpoint Fundraising Team

  1. If you want to join a Fundraising Team that’s already created…
    • If you already have a Personal Fundraising Page, using the “Join Team” button on the left side of your Personal Page to find the Team page and select it to connect to it
    • If you don’t have a Personal Fundraising Page yet, follow the instructions for a Racing Team, just be sure you find the correct team to join
  2. Once your personal page is linked to the team page, you will be able to see both individual and team fundraising totals.
I’m part of a group of volunteers, checkpoint squad, etc. Who is our Team Captain?
  1. Any member of your fundraising team can be Team Captain, but one of you must be designated as such and create the team page for others to join
  2. The Team Captain should follow the same instructions as a Checkpoint Team to create the team page
  3. Follow this link to get tips and suggestions on how to fundraise like a mad dog!! Manage your team
I’ve read all of this and I’m still confused!

If you have any questions please email us at MUSH!