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Fundraising Incentives for 2021

As a way of saying a huge THANK YOU for fundraising for the CHIditarod Foundation, we’ve put together some awesome incentive prizes.

Online fundraising amounts are counted towards prizes only when they are hosted at Chiditarod’s official fundraising site.  We will still gladly accept other means of online fundraising, but you will not be eligible for incentives. You can fundraise up to and during our Telethon on Sat Mar 6th. All additional monies and/or checks should be made out to The CHIditarod Foundation.

2021 Incentives

Prize Description Amount
Fundraiser Triangle Patch Show the world that you have donated with this little three-sided patch $100
Sticker Set A three pack, including a donation sticker, a patch sticker, and a special 2021 sticker $500
Socks Go knee-high with this fantastic black sock with the Hancock Holdup $1,000
2021 Hexagon Patch For the first time ever, our Annual Patch is an Incentive! $2,500
Chiditarod Mask Hand screened, cotton mask with our favorite Hancock Holdup. Fashion for your Face $5,000
Chiditarod Thank You Cards Because you have folks who donate all the time, how about some custom stationery… $7,500
  • Incentive packages are planned, as usual, with the assumption of 5 Mushers per Team. This year, we will allot Incentives based on the number of Fundraisers who are registered in Classy as part of your team, as an attempt to accommodate larger groups.
  • We will do our very best to ensure that everyone receives every item as listed, but we reserve the right to make substitutions when needed.
  • The deadline for meeting a specific Incentive level will be the same time as the deadline for Fundraising Awards, which will be during the Telethon and Film Festival on Saturday, March 6.
  • Due to pandemic-related delays, Awards Trophies and Incentives will be available for pickup at a date TBD. We will keep Award and Incentive winners posted on timing via email.

Fundraising Incentives compound, so the amount of money you raise will earn you the appropriate prize level, *plus* all the prizes at lower levels! The amount of money you have raised as of 8:30pm on Saturday, March 6, 2021, will determine what level of Incentives you receive. Yes, that’s right, you will continue to work towards Incentives during the Telethon! 

If you have any questions about fundraising, incentives, or donations, please contact us at