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Fundraising Page Setup for Racers

How To Create CHIditarod Fundraising Pages For Racers on

1. Go to the CHIditarod campaign page on

2. Click on the Become a Fundraiser button

3. Select Join A Team from the popup.

4. Using the Search Bar or scrolling, find your team name, and select it

> If you are new to Classy, you will now be asked to create a profile including a username and password before proceeding to Create A Page
> If you are prior user/racer, you will be asked to log in

5. Create your page: choose your goal, customize your headline, even make a short URL

6. Choose your photo (this is your personal page, a subset of the Team page)

7. Now that your page has been created, you can add more customization if you like

8. In the upper right corner, click Manage

9. You can now customize your personal Fundraising page including the Overview and Story (we have some generic content in there for you already)

10. Once your page is complete, you can share it with others to start tallying your personal fundraising totals

11. And your information, a link to your page, a summary of your progress will all roll up into the Team page, of which you are a member.

Well done, Racer. Now MUSH!!!