Fabulous Prizes!

Everyone’s a winner at CHIditarod.

CHIditaroders work hard. Each team will choose their own way to rock at the race. Some want to be the fastest, some want to raise the most money, some want to have the best costume. The organizers like to recognize all the hard work and dedication that you the racers put into make CHIditarod so EPIC and AWESOME.

Prize Eligibility

In order to be eligible to win prizes, your team must check-in at every checkpoint in the correct order, and not be disqualified. If you are disqualified along the race for bad sabotage practices, being nasty to checkpoint volunteers or bike marshals, or something similarly lame, you are not eligible to win a prize.

Traditional Categories

Below are the prize categories. Winners receive a very special CHIditarod trophy, prizes, fame and glory. Oh, and you get to come up on stage for all to see. Some categories are made up on the day of, because you the racer have inspired us so much with your creativeness.

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Time – For those teams who actually want to run the race for time. Crazy, we know.
  • Most Epic Fundraiser, 2nd Most, 3rd Most – The teams that went for the moon with fundraising. They hit up all their friends, colleagues and relatives.
  • Most Food Donated: 1st, 2nd, 3rd: This is food drive of EPIC proportions. These teams have gone way beyond the required amount for registration.
  • Best in Show, 2nd Best in Show, 3rd Best in Show – These prizes are for the teams that thing of every last detail of their theme. Their costumes, the build out of their cart, their bribes, their sabotage, sometimes even their accents. Your team fully becomes the characters you are creating.
  • Spirit of CHIditarod aka The Good Samaritan Award – For seeing those that are in need and for helping them out. Taking a moment in your race to be a Good Samaritan CHIditarod Style.
  • Best Art Cart – Only those in the Art Cart category can go for this prize.
  • Best Food Cart – Some carts choose to make food along the race route and feed/ hydrate the racers. We like to recognize these carts who go the extra mile.
  • Rookie of the Year– yep, you are a noob and you rocked it like a pro!
  • Best Bribe – It’s not just about buying shots or drinks, it’s about being creative. Previous best bribes have been home baked goods, homemade whisky, gift bags and singing telegrams. Remember though, bribes that fit your cart’s theme are in a class of their own.
  • Dressed to the Nines aka Best Costume Award- Your costumes ROCK!
  • Dick Dastardly – You were creative, you did not break any of the Sabotage Rules and you made us smile with your ingenuity.
  • I Ate the Yellow Snow Award- aka Most Honorable Dishonorable Mention – You are doing a good thing but you are doing it all wrong.
  • Best Use of Duck Tape – Taping someone’s wheels will not win you this prize. Think outside the cart. Maybe it’s costuming, maybe it’s cart decoration, maybe it’s a cool bribe.

New 2018 Prize

  • Best Racer Photo – Show off the behind-the-scenes of your race day! Best photo will be awarded a sweet bag full of CHIditarod swag. Make sure you follow the rules that are outlined here!

Historical and Ad-hoc Prizes

  • Dead Fucking Last – This “award” has been retired. It was an administrative PITA and honestly, you can do better than trying to win for being last.
  • Best Karaoke of Champions
  • Best Chaiku
  • Best Cheerditarod.. BRING IT ON!
  • Best Dance Move
  • Best Pole Dance
  • Worst Fashion
  • Most Pathetic Display
  • Best Fun Team Concept
  • Best Air Cannon
  • Best Mustache Wax
  • Most Testosterone
  • Best Finish


Photo by JOE500.