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When it comes to CHIditarod, the Checkpoints are of great importance. The bar owners are your partners in a great event. Approached well, treated respectfully, and properly staffed, you can count on them year after year.

Each CHIditarod checkpoint team picks a theme and often completely transforms their checkpoint, complete with decorations, costumes, and themed activities. At the minimum, you want to have a fun activity to help people pass the time while waiting the required time period. These may include Stupid Human Tricks, karaoke, and other such mirthful activities. We recommend against Darts, especially at the later checkpoints.

Set clear understandings as you ask them for participation. Remember they are getting a windfall of mid-day business because of your event. See our partnership page for an understanding of how to handle any offers of “Sponsorship,” which should be tactfully declined.

Here are some tools: