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Prizes & Competition

CHIditarod has always had a competitive aspect. There are many ways to win, and very few ways to lose. There are the obvious competitions like the race, as well as checkpoint-specific contests, and a rotating all-event “super bonus challenge” that teams can choose to participate in. Competitions of various types keep your participants involved and provide goals they can latch onto. If you are crowning winners, you’ll need methods for tracking teams and an awards ceremony to reward them. Here are resources to make that happen.

Everyone’s a winner at CHIditarod. But there are some who win more than others, and for those intrepid teams, we have trophies. Providing trophies for your participants offers them a permanent remembrance of their participation in your event, and gives them another reason to step up their involvement and creativity. Our trophies vary in size, shape, materials, and creator. We have 2 “tiers” of trophies — a small number of higher-end awards for the grand prizes, and a larger number of awards for the runners up. Trophies are different each year, consisting of different materials and styles, and a unique expression of creativity. Engage artists in your community to make your trophies and provide them with recognition, especially if they do it pro-bono or for a discount.

Check out some of our past trophies for inspiration.

Here are some web galleries, too: