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The EPIC Start

The EPIC Start!

Epic starting line shot by Paul Crisanti (

Flags Waving, an epic all-crowd countdown, megaphones, and all your racers streaming out of the starting gate with speed and glory!

The epic start of the CHIditarod race is one of the best parts of the event. Hundreds of spectators line the street (which is now closed to vehicles.. Yay for permits!) in anticipation of seeing all the excited racers stream out of the gate.

Important things to take into account:

  • Racers are flying out of the gate, thus make sure the street is clear of people, things and eager photographers.
  • Racers come first and it’s not their fault if they run into someone who won’t get out of the street.
  • Flags and a marching band (like Environmental Encroachment) add to the EPIC start.
  • Inevitably, gear comes flying out of people’s carts. Be ready for a fun cleanup afterwards.

In The Yard we give racers a 30 minute warning and a 15 minute warning to the start of the race. Mostly to allow people to eat their breakfast, have some more fun and go to the bathroom before their journey.

It is nearly impossible to describe the race start in words.. just watch this great video!