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Telethon & Award Ceremony 2021

Thanks to everyone that joined us on Twitch and continued to donate money during the Telethon & Award Ceremony. We surpassed the 2021 fundraising goal and set a new record of over $120,000! Our live stream event was a big success featuring Film Challenge videos, award winners, and the amazing community work made possible by CHIditarod Foundation grants!

2021 Fundraising Total

$123,812 / 120,000

Donate to CHIditarod!

We set a new fundraising record for 2021 closing out our Telethon & Award Ceremony! Keep in mind you’re more than welcome to donate anytime during the year πŸ™‚

Film Challenge 2021

Congratulations to team 6-Pack Attack for winning Best Documentary, Best In Show, and the People’s Choice Award for Drunk Cart Story!