New in 2019

New in 2019


All New Starting Line!

CHIditarod love is growing! This year, for the first time ever, the CHIditarod start line (and the finish line, of course) will be hosted in the backyard (figuratively) and the parking lot (literally) of our long-standing partners at the COBRA LOUNGE! Join us on race day at the corner of Ashland and Fulton Market to take this party to the streets…er I mean the sidewalks.

Racer Photo Contest

Ok, so it’s not exactly new, BUT WE LOVE IT! We’re still awarding a prize for the best photo captured during the race! Show us your favorite pics as you go from bar to bar, whether they be team selfies, catching sabotage in action, making new friends, winning contests, bribing judges and Coreganizers. Tag us on Instagram (@chiditarod) in your photos and remember to use the hashtags #chiditarod and #CHIRodXIV. Photos MUST have @chiditarod tagged in the photo to be eligible (not just a mention in the comments, not just some hashtags) and make sure they’re posted on someone’s Instagram that’s public, since there’s no guarantee we’ll see it on a private profile. You can enter as many photos as you’d like but they have to be posted and tagged by 5:30pm on race day! 

We’ll award a fun surprise swag bag for the best photo of the day!

Killer Fundraising Platform

We have partnered with the Classy fundraising platform again for 2019. We are stoked as they have a killer API that allows setting up team fundraising pages a breeze (as in, like, automatic).  If you want to be eligible for fundraising prizes – information and details can be found here. With Classy we are eligible for matching grants, so please contact us if you and your company are interested. Finally, we are now on Amazon Smile. Designate ‘The Chiditarod Foundation’ at to donate automatically, at no cost to you, while you shop!

Required Racer Orientation

We did this last year, but it’s worth re-mentioning. Last year’s mandatory racer orientation was unanimously well-received and helped to properly orient and prepare all racers for race day. It is again required in 2019 for all teams. If you want to race, at least one member of every team needs to come, drink a beer (or water), and learn what CHIditarod is all about. Out of town teams (we know there are two or three), may email to make other arrangements. Come… acculturate… put your ‘rod on. It’s required. And important. FEBRUARY 21, 2019,  7:30 pm, at BOTTOM LOUNGE!

Think you know it all because you’re a seasoned vet? Let us know and you might be able to skip.

GCFD Food Drop Off

Not entirely new, but important to remember. If you have 300lbs of food or more (equivalent to 2 shopping carts full of canned food), please make arrangements to drop off your donation before race day at the Greater Chicago Food Depository. They will be hosting dates and times the week of the race. Stay tuned for more information.

Price is Right - Justin GohSeparate Finish Line & Awards Ceremony

Since separating the finish line and awards ceremony worked so well in past years, it’s now just permanent. This means you may store your cart in the yard overnight. Read all the details and instructions here.