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New in 2023

NEW in 2020, CHIditarod XV (this page is still a work in progress)

Registration Rules

In many areas you will see our new rule, “One Team = One Cart, Five Racers” in place. What does it mean? Glad you asked:

  • Each Team (One Cart/Five Racers) must be registered and paid for separately, Including Cart deposit.
  • Each Team (One Cart/Five Racers) is responsible for bringing 69 lbs of food.
  • Each Team is a single Cart with five Racers attached to it. If you have more than five Racers participating with your team, you must register an additional Team for every five Racers.
  • You will be assigned the number of bracelets to match the number of Racers registered. No more no less. 


  • You have 1 Team, 1 Cart, and 5 Racers: One Cart registration, 5 Racers each, 69 lbs of food 
  • You have 2 Teams, 2 Carts and 10 Racers: Two Cart registrations, 5 Racers each, 138 lbs of food
  • But what if you have 2 Teams, 2 Carts and 12 Racers?
    Either find three more Racers for a third Team, or drop two Racers.
    The rules are “One Team = One Cart, Five Racers”…
    Racers must always be in denominations of five. 


  • Team = 5 Racers with their cart
  • Cart = Physical shopping cart to be taken home and returned after the race
  • Racer = a human being who is participating and registered to race, also known as Dawgs and Mushers

Changes to the Law

Given the recent changes in Illinois state cannabis law, it’s important to remember — You must respect all local, state, and federal laws and ordinances, including those governing cannabis use. For a refresher on Illinois cannabis law, click here, here, and here for the actual bill.

Art Carts

All changes are reflected on our Art Cart page. It’s a lot, including size requirements, so go take a look.


Fundraising will now be calculated on a per-team basis. Teams can no longer register two carts on the same theme and combine all Fundraising dollars under one cart. Again, “One Team = One Cart, Five Racers”.


  • Team Alpha raises $5,000 on Team A’s page
  • Team Beta1 and Team Beta2 raise $5,000 on Team Beta1’s page
  • The winner is Team Alpha, because they have only 5 Racers ($1,000/Racer) and Team Beta has 10 Racers ($500/Racer)

It is important to note that the new Multi-Cart Mayhem designation is separate from the Fundraising rules:
Multi-Cart Mayhem is a Judged prize
Fundraising Awards are Numerical prizes
Therefore, it is possible to win *both* the Multi-Cart Mayhem Award AND a top Fundraising prize… but only one Cart in your multi-cart team can win Fundraising, and all money collected must be kept separate for each team of five.


We updated our awards this year to even out the playing field a little bit.  We have retired the Spirit of Chiditarod award.  We have removed Best Team Costume, Best Cart Build, Most Engaging Cart, Bike Marshal Choice, Best Photo, Best use of Duct Tape, Legend Award, Super Bonus Challenge and the WTF award.

Checkpoint Rockstar Awards

We have replaced all these awards with the Phyllis’s Rock Star Award, Five Star Rockstar Award, Roots Pizza Rockstar Award, Output Rockstar Award and The Bar Formally Known as Mahoney’s (aka 551 Live) Rockstar Award. Master Judges from each checkpoint and the Checkpoint Crew will be choosing a team they would like to give their Rockstar Award too.  We, the Coreganizers, have no idea who they will choose, what kind of cart will stick out to them on race day or what silly antics you will need to create to get their attention.

GCFD Food Drop Off

Not entirely new, but important to remember. If you have 300 lbs of food or more (equivalent to 2 shopping carts full of canned food), please make arrangements to drop off your donation before race day at the Greater Chicago Food Depository. They will be hosting dates and times the week of the race. Stay tuned for more information.