Mission: Solve Hunger

As the race has grown, so has the impact. CHIditarodders pack some serious potential — check out the history of our food and fundraising in our charity statistics page.

Food: Greater Chicago Food Depository

We are teaming up with our friends at the Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD) once again for all non-perishable food donations. You can help!


Funds: CHIditarod Foundation

Our very own CHIditarod Foundation will be the beneficiary of your fundraising efforts. In 2013 the Foundation gave out $20,000 in grants to Chicago-based 501(c)(3) organizations combatting hunger and food scarcity. To learn what this is all about, and why it’s going to rock, please check out the CHIditarod Foundation page.



Team Fundraising: How do I get Started?

This year we’re using the FirstGiving social fundraising platform. Everyone can set up a fundraising page — team, volunteer, checkpoint squadron, etc. There’s a lot of cool bonuses for raising money. Check out all the bonus levels. Many bonus prizes are geared towards our racers, others are available to all fundraisers. We think all prizes are awesome.

We understand teams have set up fundraising pages on different websites in the past, but this year our team fundraising pages are all in one place so you can go head-to-head with other teams, volunteer groups, and checkpoint squads. There’s a leaderboard for braggin’ rights and totals. If your group will be doing fundraising (and you should, cause fundraising is rad), please set up a FirstGiving team fundraising page using the instructions below.

Down below there’s an example message you can use as a starting point on your firstGiving web page. Embellish it with your team history, mission, and storied feats of valor and food-raising-glory.

Here’s the step-by-step process. If you have any questions please email us at fundraising@chiditarod.org. MUSH!

*** DO NOT go to firstgiving.com to setup your team page you MUST! go through the link below

  1. First, select one person to create your team fundraising page.
    Visit http://www.firstgiving.com/chiditarod/chiditarod-2014
  2. Click on “Fundraise”
  3. Go through the process of filling in personal information.
  4. You will then see a page with many different teams
  5. Click on Would you like to start a new team? click here
  6. Create a team name using your Race team name (what did you put into dogtag?), put in a small blurb, click create team
  7. Do NOT join a Bar or Checkpoint Teams if you’re a racing team.
  8. The next page will have your team on it. Click NEXT
  9. You are now on the details page for your team. YEAH! Have a photo ready
  10. Under the “Your Story” section, please input this text and fill in the blanks!
  11. Input your fundraising goal in the “How much do you plan to raise”
  12. Click submit and start sharing your page with your friends and family!
  13. Do a happy dance for you have set up your fundraising page!

Fun things to do now: Edit your Thank You message, add more photos and videos.