Mission: Solve Hunger

As the race has grown, so has the impact. CHIditarodders pack some serious potential — check out the history of our food and fundraising in our charity statistics page.


Food: Greater Chicago Food Depository

We are teaming up with our friends at the Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD) once again for all non-perishable food donations. You can help!


Funds: CHIditarod Foundation

Our very own CHIditarod Foundation 501(c)(3) is the beneficiary of your fundraising efforts. In 2014 the Foundation gave out $25,000 in grants to Chicago-area nonprofits combatting hunger and food scarcity. In 2013, we gave out $20,000. To learn what this is all about, and why it rocks, check out the CHIditarod Foundation page.

Team Fundraising: How do I get Started?

This year we’re using the Classy social fundraising platform. Everyone can set up a fundraising page — team, volunteer, checkpoint squadron, etc. There’s a lot of cool bonuses for raising money,  check out all the bonus levels.  There’s a lot of cool CHIditarod swag to collect, so go check it out!

How to Set Up a Fundraising Page

The step-by-step process is coming soon! If you have any questions please email us at fundraising@chiditarod.org. MUSH!