~Pardon our dust, 2015 racer resources will be updated soon!~


Racer Resources

This is the place to find information and download resources that will make your CHIditarod fun, easier, and save you some registration headaches on race day.


Liability Waivers


  • 2014 All Checkpoints

    Note to racers: You will not be visiting ALL of these checkpoints. You’ll receive your actual route map on race day.

  • 2014 Starting Line/Yard Map

    Learn all about the starting line, including where to go to check-in.

Cart Deposit Refund

If you LOST/MISPLACED/THREW OUT your Get Your Monies Back Card – for SHAME. We told you at registration how important your racer packet was and that if you lost it you were royally #*$&@^. Ok, ok, we will help you redeem yourself. To receive your cart deposit back, take a picture of your cart with your blue card (or a daily newspaper dated post March 1, 2014). You can be in the photo too, creativity encouraged! This is to prove you returned your cart to its native habitat, or even better, that it’s in your vehicle or living room. Send photos to cartvixen@chiditarod.org. Include team name, captain’s email address, and your name. Deadline: March 9, 2014.