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CHIditarod XVIII: Racing Again!!!

We are so happy to announce that our beloved shopping cart race is back, so set your calendars for CHIditarod XVIII on Saturday March 4th, 2023! Get your doggies together and start planning — REGISTRATION IS OPEN (MUSH!!!)

Fundraising for CHIditarod Foundation

The Greater Chicago Food Depository — which is a major resource for many of the organizations supported by the Chiditarod Foundation — expects to spend more than double the amount of money on food purchasing in fiscal 2022 as they did in 2021. A clear sign that the effects of the pandemic on hunger and food insecurity are not getting better. The CHIditarod Foundation seeks to alleviate hunger and solve the root causes of hunger through creativity, engagement and direct action.

Help provide grants to local, small 501(c)(3) organizations that share our hunger-fighting mission!

2023 Fundraising Total

$21,156 / 150,000

Top Fundraising Teams

We'd like to solve (hunger) #1 $5,127
3GS&T nth Ed $4,833
Chidiots $4,477
Nomeward Bound #1 $2,740

Top Fundraisers

Emily Belke $4,397
Alixa Sharkey $2,329
Amy Bashiti $1,610
Brian Kooistra $1,563
Liz Lux $1,461

Design Contest 2023

If you have the skills, we need a new patch, shirt, and poster designs for 2023. The winning patch will be given out to hundreds of volunteers and racers, it’s your turn to add to the legacy of awesome CHIditarod Swag!

2022 Impact & Awards

The ongoing pandemic forced us off course again. Our solution for 2022: Blockditarod!

Even though we took another year off from racing, we did not slow down. With half the teams normally on board, we came pretty close to 2021’s fundraising record by collecting $107,005 for CHIditarod Foundation Community Grants, and 12,404 pounds of food were donated to the Greater Chicagoland Food Depository!