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Race Day Logistics

This is one of the most important pages once you have registered. Below we will outline the race, it’s logistics, what you should expect, what you shouldn’t do and how to run the race like a champion (which to us means following the rules).  šŸ™‚

Emails: You will get many of them, believe us when we say each email is VERY important and you should read them all. These emails contain information regarding contests, awards, checkpoints and more.

NOOBie Checklist: Great for new racers and old. Watch the fun video, read the bullet points and don’t forget to read all the information on this page.

Don’t know what to expect at a Checkpoint? Checkpoint Checkin Information.

We want checking in to CHIditarod to be as easy as possible. You can make that happen by watching this video.

Race Day: The Yard

  • Don’t forget your ID on race day.
  • No walk-up/ same-day registration allowed.
  • Checkin for registered racers begins at 9:45 am at The Yard (Corner of Fulton Market and Justine St). Checkin closes at 11:45am.DO NOT WAIT UNTIL 11:30am to arrive.You will miss all the fun and pageantry of The Yard and you will make our lives harder. If you are not in line by 11:45 am, you CANNOT RACE.
  • Your Food Donations: When you arrive at The Yard, you must have your minimum food donation of 69 lbs of non-perishable food. You will not be able to enter The Yard and complete your check in without a minimum of 69 lbs of food. Food is given to the Greater Chicago Food Depository Truck prior to entering The Yard. If you are short in the weight of your food, you will be fined. We take our food drives seriously, and remember when registering you agreed to bring at least 69 pounds?
  • What is good food to donate? So glad you asked. Read all about it.
  • Print and bring your pre-signed forms with you. Brownie points if you do.
  • All 5 team members are required to enter into The Yard.
  • Inside the yard, there is no sabotage allowed. This time is to mingle with other racers, enjoy the music, shake your booty and check out other people’s carts.
  • Get your photograph taken at our Vogue Photo Booth. Best photo gets a prize.
  • 11:45am – Checkin closes! If you arrive after 11:45am, tough luck, you should have gotten out of bed earlier. Enjoy watching the race from the sidelines. Your registration fee is not refunded.
  • Once you have fully checked in, you will have in your possession: Racer Card, Route Map, Racer Bib number, 5 racer wristbands and some special swag. Do not lose your racer card. If lost, you will be disqualified.
  • 12:30pm – The Epic Start of the Race Commences! MUSH TO GLORY

Checkpoints, Route Maps, Racing Logistics

  • When you check in, you will be given your route map. Each racer has a unique route. YOU MUST FOLLOW YOUR SPECIFIC ROUTE OR BE DISQUALIFIED. Read your map carefully, follow the checkpoints in order.
  • When you arrive at your checkpoint, 4 team members must be there to check in. Check in with the cart wrangler who has a bright yellow/green safety vest on. They will have something for you. You will need this something to finish your check in at the bar. Once you receive this special something, go inside and hand this special something along with your race card and give it to the check in person (look for a computer).
  • Don’t forget to leave a team member with your cart or risk being sabotaged. Trust us, everyone gets sabotaged and sometimes it’s not pretty. Read the sabotage rules to be prepared. Bad sabotage will get your disqualified.
  • You then are required to stay at the checkpoint bar for 25 minutes. Enjoy the bar, have a drink (tip your bartender), participate in the contests and have some fun.
  • At the end of 25 minutes you will then go to the checkout table and retrieve your racer card. You must have 3 of your team members present to receive your racer card back. It is your responsibility to pay attention to the time. Please do not bug the check out people for the time. Set an alarm or timer on your phone.
  • Head to the next checkpoint on your route. Do not drink in public, do not urinate on public property, respect all laws, stay on the sidewalk (your cart should not be in the street) and leave no trace.
  • Once you have completed your route, time to head to the finish line, and then to the EPIC award ceremony! YEAH!!!!

Finish Line

The finish line will be in the same place as the starting line. Once you arrive at the finish line, all sabotage must stop. Bribing of the timing team is still possible. In fact, be very kind to the finish line crew. Please park your cart, head inside and have some fun. There will be buses from the finish line to the award ceremony.  VERY IMPORTANT! You cannot take your cart apart at the finish line. You must take your cart home with you and take it apart there.

Award Ceremony

 Yes there is an award ceremony, yes there are trophies, yes there are fun prizes. Everyone has the ability to win at CHIditarod, if you try hard enough. Please read through the list prizes and awards. Check out some of the trophies from past years. This year, the awards ceremony will be in a separate location from the finish line. There will be buses to take you from the finish line to the awards ceremony.

Taking Your Cart Home

Learn all about your options in the Cart Deposit section of the rules.